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Elfa Wardrobes for Perfect Modern Bedroom Decor

Minimalism is the trend of modern home décor, where essential furniture pieces are only featured for multiple functional details. Inbuilt dressers in the wardrobes are among those minimalistic pieces that help you in managing the space better with reduced clutter. 

If you have smaller bedrooms in your home, you can install a wardrobe with a dresser to make it look more spacious, breathable, and airy. It could be a wall-to-wall wardrobe or a smaller sized, you can consider a wide range available at Elfa wardrobe system. Elfa is trustworthy and has always been your furniture assistant since years. 

Everyone installs a mirror as an essential accessory in the bedroom and wardrobes with mirror and dresser will let you organized things well and have the finest time roaming around your home. Let us check out what you can have in terms of finest wardrobe designs that could be availed with inbuilt dressers. 

The three-door wardrobe with mirror

The three-door wardrobe laminated with engineered wood will be available in dark color and a matte finish. This kind of wardrobe featuring a central mirror is ideal for a bedroom. It also features 7 separate shelves that can be used to store items of different sizes. The mirror located at the center of the wardrobe is very useful for the users to dress up. Its sleek design would be a perfect addition to a modern bedroom architecture.

One of the designs of a three-door wardrobe is also available in brick pattern texture. This gives it a sturdy look and this design facilitates you to have an ample storage and is perfect for sharing. The stain and termite resistant feature makes this kind of furniture more useful for the users. Removable shelves brings you the flexibility of changing storage settings as per your convenience. 

The two-door wardrobe with full-length mirror

The two-door wardrobe with dark finish and an ample of storage space is best suitable to a bedroom having a similar color palette. It comprises of sleek and functional hardware that gives it an elegant look and it seamlessly merges with the liner pattern and design of the wardrobe. The front side of the left door is built with a full-sized mirror and is helpful to use when you try on clothes to get ready. 

Sleek wardrobe with built-in mirror

A sleek two-door wardrobe is a perfect mix of form and function and it offers an elegant option for all of your storage needs. Different types of utilitarian shelves featured in the wardrobe make it easier for you to categorize your clothing and accessories and keep your bedroom space uncluttered. The ergonomic grip of the handle of the wardrobe gives you the seamless access to your belongings with eliminating all the risks that may happen due to a protruding handle. 

Single door wardrobe with mirror

A wall-to-wall wardrobe might not be possible for smaller spaces. Hence, the single-door wardrobe manufactured in the engineered wood is made available to the users featuring double drawers below the main compartment. A mirror and storage shelf is also given for the vanity. Renters and people living in smaller apartments would surely love to have this kind of wardrobe. 

If you are really willing to convert the nooks and crannies in your bedroom into functional spaces, then tailor-made closets and wardrobes are perfect to install. They are even capable of making the clumsiest corner of your bedroom into a perfectly workable space for your belongings and accessories. The above-given choices are however perfect when you do not want to compromise with even a slightest factor in your wardrobe design, whether it is about the number of shelves in a wardrobe, or its outer shape and appearance. 

The times when you want your wardrobes to do more than just storing your accessories, custom-made wardrobes are the best. Elfa wardrobes brings a massive collection of the best wardrobe designs. The best quality finished products will be easily at your door step at the convenient pricing. Sleek designs, solid hardware material and the best finish of the products make the products last longer. 

So, decide upon what you need and explore the designs at Elfa store to acquire best quality product for your home décor and bedroom space organization.