Choosing Color for Your Stairs

When decorating your house and designing your layout, you have probably spent hours considering types of flooring, countertop styles, backsplash in the kitchen and the color of paint on the walls in each room. With all these areas to consider, it’s easy to forget the stairs. Yet, most stairs are positioned so that they are frequently the first thing one encounters as the door is opened. Since going up and down stairs for your daily routines makes the stairs an important focal point, you’ll want to make them eye-catching.

Matching, contrasting, and blending are particularly important considerations when it comes to choosing a color, and the color scheme of your house also factors in your decision.  Are you using carpet or wood? Some color choices may be the same or similar to the rest of the house, making them match; others may be different yet still meld well with the rest of the colors, highlighting a bold contrast.

The question is: how can I find the right choice for my stairs? If your home is a tan/light brown color scheme, then either dark brown, regular brown, or the same color stairs will do fine. A dark brown not only brings out the stairs, but it will make the rest of your house pop. With a lighter and more white home, dark color, bright color, and matching color works great. Dark colored stairs in a light home serves a beautiful contrast. Bright colors refer to shades of blue, yellow, green, and the like, however those choices may be more difficult to pull off, depending on the style of your home. The color of your railing can blend in with the wood or be painted a separate color to either complement or contrast.

One way for your stairs to showcase two different colors is for the top to be one color, and the bottom base to be another. This design adds some personality to your stairs and the rest of your home. Most wood and luxury vinyl manufacturers will sell a matching stair nosing so that the flooring can be used on the steps as well. This makes for a beautiful, seamless look throughout your home. White risers are a simple way to make each step pop, but you can also use tile to make things pop even more!

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