Aspects to consider when buying a heat pump for the pool in 2021

heat pump

Have you decided to heat the water in your pool pumps and have you chosen the heat pump as a heating system? We explain what you should take into account when choosing the most appropriate option. Heat pumps have become the most popular system for heating water in swimming pools. Logically, each model has certain characteristics. Here are some of them.

Range of action

You must be clear about what you want the heat pump for and how long you want to use it since depending on the ambient temperature in which the pool is going to be, you will need one or another pump.

COP (Coefficient of performance)

This is a very relevant aspect but one that can be tricky. So it is important that we know the details of the reference values. Logically, the greater the temperature difference between the initial value and the final value that we want to achieve, the lower the COP.


The usual operating system was the traditional ON / OFF. Currently, heat pumps with Inverter technology are taking part of the market. Some heat pumps offer different operating alternatives.


Obviously this is a very important aspect. The power of the pump is relevant, but so is the consumption that it will generate. In these case, buying Wolfers Heat Pumps would be ideal, to save on electricity bills.


Heat pumps are becoming more and more silent. Loudness will be measured in decibels, although here it is also necessary to know at what distance the loudness level is calculated.

Condenser, evaporator, compressor, exchanger and expansion valve

These elements are essential for the correct operation of the heat pump. The condenser is responsible for transferring heat to an external environment. By absorbing heat from the ambient air, it is in the evaporator where this gas evaporates. It is the exchanger that will transmit the heat generated to the pool water. Therefore, the reliability and resistance of these elements is of special importance.

Gas or refrigerant fluid

It is important to look for equipment that uses refrigerants that are as efficient and eco-friendly as possible.

Heat pump cabin

The cabin in which all the pump equipment is located is also very important, as the heat pump will be outdoors, taking effects of the rain, wind, renaissance, dirt, etc. Therefore, apart from being aesthetically attractive, it is important that it be very resistant.


You must also take into account some other aspects, such as defrost function, air vent, display, information display, personalization, size and weight, and technical service. These are some of the aspects that we recommend taking into account when buying a heat pump for our pool.