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Advanced Construction Equipment You Must Know About

Land surveying is one of the most important disciplines in the field of engineering, with the development of construction technology, geographic information system (GIS), and remote sensing technology. Land survey has become more and more exacting, accurate and sophisticated. Nowadays, advanced surveying equipment plays a vital role in land survey.


Theodolites are among the most important instruments used by surveyors. They are used to record and measure horizontal and vertical angles, as well as distances. Theodolites can also be used for other applications, such as construction, engineering and mining.

Theodolites are usually mounted on a tripod, which helps stabilize the instrument when it is being used. The measurement data that is collected by theodolites can be transferred to a computer using cables or wireless technology.

There are several different types of theodolite available today. Most of these instruments have been designed with specific applications in mind, so it’s important for surveyors to know what type of work they want to do before deciding which type of model they want to purchase.

GPS Units

A GPS unit is a device that uses satellite signals to show the location of a person or vehicle. It can be used for a variety of purposes, including surveying and navigation.

Many GPS units are portable, making them easy to carry around with you in order to take measurements when needed. They are also relatively inexpensive and easy to use, which makes them popular among surveyors who need to make frequent measurements in the field.

Total Station

A total station is a handheld device used by surveyors to measure distances, angles and area. It’s not just one of the most important tools in surveying, but also one of the most expensive. These devices have evolved over time and come with many features that make them more useful than ever before.

Total stations can be used for any type of surveying work including:

  • Measuring distance between two points
  • Taking bearings (angles) from an object on the ground or in the air
  • Comparing two different objects to measure their difference in height and depth (elevation)
  • Taking vertical measurements from an object on the ground up to a point in space

Leveling Instrument

A leveling instrument is a device that can be used to measure the variance of elevation. These tools are often used by surveyors, engineers and construction workers to provide an accurate measurement of how high or low the ground is at a given point. Leveling instruments come in a variety of different types and styles, but they all perform essentially the same function: to determine how high or low a given point is from a reference point on level ground.


Auto-levels are used to measure the slope of a surface. They are very similar to theodolites, but they do not use mirrors and prisms to measure angles. Instead, auto-levels use two or more lasers to determine slope. The lasers are mounted on a tripod and point at two different points on the ground. The equipment measures how much time it takes for each laser beam to travel between these two points and compares that time with known distances between the two points. This data is used to calculate slope. Auto-levels are typically used when you need an accurate measurement quickly or when you do not have access to other surveying equipment such as a tripod or transit level.


Tachometers are used in surveying because they can accurately measure how fast something is moving. This is important when you are trying to find out how far away something is from where you are standing. If you have a tachometer in your surveying equipment, then you will be able to tell if an object is moving at all and how quickly it is moving.

Learning more about this advanced surveying equipment will help you learn how to perform your job better.

If you ever decide that the surveying profession is right for you, keep these considerations in mind as you search for an advanced level device. You can learn a lot from the subtle differences between competing products. When they’re standing side-by-side, it’s easier to see where one exceeds another. Understanding these differences is vital to helping you pick out the best equipment for your needs.