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5 HDB Interior Design Ideas to Implement in 2022

HDB flats are the most popular type of housing in Singapore. It accounts for 80% of all residences. You might be amazed at what you can do with an HDB flat in terms of decor. Here are a few HDB renovation ideas to make the most of your space.

#1 Opt for Open Concept

Open-concept design is the cornerstone of many HDB interior design concepts and ideas. It enables homeowners to create the illusion of space in an otherwise small HDB flat. Many HDB residents achieve this by integrating their living and eating areas into one expanse.

#2 Concentrate on the Details

Pay close attention to the tiniest details of your home for the best renovation ideas. It will make your HDB interior design appear fuller by changing little features. Experiment with various laminates or veneer finishes providing visual contrast to your interiors.

#3 Invest in Quality Materials

Wood is a popular material for modern condo and HDB home design in Singapore and abroad. The distinctive grain and textures of wood provide a natural warmth into your house that makes your interior feel snug with a delicate touch of rusticity. It also has traditional visual appeal and natural beauty.

#4 Opt for a Subtle Colour Palette

White is a standard colour option for HDB interior design because it exudes elegance and spaciousness. If your HDB flat does not have natural light, a fresh coat of white paint may quickly brighten your space and make it feel airier. It is a fantastic colour for producing clean and coherent colour schemes.

#5 Focus on Excellent Illumination

Consider the accessories and colour palette utilised in your home design when deciding on the lighting temperature. Natural lighting brings out the full potential of your home’s colours and textures. Use curtains or blinds to deflect light rays to get more balanced and nuanced natural lighting and create an aesthetically beautiful atmosphere.

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