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3 Ways to Stay Warm while Your Walk-In Tub Fills Up

Walk-in tubs are essential fixtures for many people with reduced mobility. They make it possible for these individuals to continue bathing independently without compromising their own safety. However, most walk-in tub users feel there’s one major inconvenience involved with these types of tubs: Because the tubs rely on a door in the side for easy entry, you have to remain in the tub while it’s filling and emptying. This can get quite chilly at times, so keep reading to get a few tips on how to stay warm.

Warm Up the Seat

First thing’s first: Make sure the seat in your walk-in tub is nice and warmed up before you climb in and sit down. Some models of walk-in tubs will have a heated seat, which makes this part easy. If you’re not lucky enough to have a heated seat, warm up the seat by spraying hot water over it until the surface is warm enough to be comfortable on your bare skin. You can do this with the handheld sprayer, or by simply turning on the overhead shower for a while if you have a shower-tub combo.

Wear a Robe or Towel

You’ll have to get in the tub when it’s completely empty, which means you don’t have to worry about getting your robe or towel wet if you still have it on. So, keep your robe on or your towel wrapped around you when you sit down and turn your tub on. Then, when the water rises to nearly the level of your seat, you can take it off and hang it on a nearby towel rack. Pretty soon, the water will be over your lap, which will help keep you significantly warmer until the tub has filled completely.

Then, when you begin draining the tub, you can grab the towel or robe again and wrap it around you once the water level has dropped below the level of the seat.

Keep the Room a Little Warmer

Before you take your bath, consider turning up the temperature on your thermostat a few degrees. Or, if you don’t want to warm up your entire house, place a small space heater in the bathroom and turn it on about 30 minutes prior to your bath. This should heat up the space enough that you’ll be more comfortable as you wait for your tub to fill. Just make sure to turn it off before you get in the tub; if you leave it on, you’ll likely be too hot once you’re in the warm bathwater.

Whether you have a standard walk-in tub or walk-in bathtubs with a shower, these tips can help make waiting for your bath to fill and drain a little more comfortable.