Home Decor

3 home decor elements for a cozy and inviting place

Let’s face it: we have all had the guilty pleasure of spending hours on Pinterest looking up pretty interior design ideas and fantasizing about how we will decorate our place when we will finally have it. Whether you have finally bought an apartment, rented a place, or you just want to redecorate your room in your parents’ house, there are a few basic things that can transform your space from a simple, boring one into a brighter, visually bigger, and overall more interesting area. Here are 3 elements of the home decor that will make your place nicer and more welcoming:


Be it a blanket or a small throw, it is always a good idea to decorate your home with such a unique, cozy element. It will brighten up your room, make it look interesting, and can add a splash of color. The best part is that this piece of home decor is not only beautiful but also very practical. First of all,  blankets and throws are made of wool, so they are obviously very warm. They are also lightweight since due to modern knitting technologies even the standard, thick wool can be turned into a delicate, thin material. Another benefit is that blankets are water-resistant and they can keep you warm even when wet, which makes them a beloved item for many travelers that go on extreme trips in harsh environments. Don’t be afraid to cuddle up next to the fire with a blanket: wool is a natural fiber, so it does not catch fire easily and it also does not get burn holes as typical synthetic materials do. The combination of these factors makes these pieces the perfect part of your decor. If you want to spice up your home decor and you are looking for Irish blankets, check out Keilys. They have some amazing Irish blankets made of lambswool that will make your nights cozier and more relaxed, whether you want to have some time for yourself while reading a book on the sofa or to share memorable moments with your family on Christmas Eve.


When strategically positioned, mirrors have the same effect as windows, reflecting light and creating the illusion of a larger, brighter room. They can’t create light; they can only reflect it, but carefully placed, they can turn small, dim spaces like hallways or bedrooms into brighter, more colorful areas. Long ago, it was common to hang large mirrors in a room, but times have changed, and a few small mirrors  tastefully placed on the walls will make a space look even more interesting and have a larger impact on the overall appearance. These days, there are lots of trends and design ideas not just about how to place mirrors, but also for how to decorate them. The latest design idea is to decorate the sides of your mirror with natural crystal, for example amethysts, quartz, jade, or any other stone of your choice. Many people say that it makes them feel more relaxed and peaceful. Last, but not least, the Chinese traditional practice of Feng Shui states that mirrors have the power to amplify or double the energy reflected in them, so make sure to place them in a room where you are sure to spend many happy moments.


When it comes to creating an inviting and intimate atmosphere in your house, candles are a must-have item. They create a comfortable atmosphere and help you and your guests relax their bodies and minds. Displaying candles with various scents in each room will be a great way to make a clear difference between them. For example, use one that smells like the ocean in the bathroom and choose one that smells like cinnamon or apple pie in the kitchen. Nowadays there are lots of smells available on the market, ranging from the classic scents of vanilla, berries, and chocolate to more interesting smells, like the one of fresh laundry, bookstore, popcorn, and even baby powder.  Take the opportunity to decorate the store-bought candles or even to make them yourself. Buy some beeswax or paraffin and use your favorite fragrance oils, it will be a very interesting experience and you will end up with some-of-a-kind candles. Also how do you use wax melts makes a difference.