What’s the Difference Between Commercial and Residential Roofing?

Are you planning to do residential roofing replacement alpharetta ga on your home? Or you now need a sturdier and more durable roof for the commercial building of your business?

As far as residential and commercial roofs are concerned, they can be quite different in their design, materials, installation, and maintenance cost. 

If you want to get further clarification then it will be better to discuss with any Minneapolis commercial roofing contractors like A to Z Construction Inc. who has plenty of experience in dealing with both types of roofing installation and repair activities.

In this small article too, we will briefly discuss a few major differences between commercial and residential roofing and how you can select the best when you will need it. To compare commercial and residential roofing, we will consider the following few parameters.

  1. The design

You will find a major distinction between this two different roofing in terms of their design.

The square footage of any commercial buildings will be much larger than any residential buildings, and your roof should support the entire extra size and weight of the building. While any residential buildings may have a certain pitched roof having a higher slope, which is simpler to install.

It will therefore be very important that your roofing contractor must be familiar with the type of roof that you need to work on.  

  1. The materials used

Based on size, design, exposure to different natural elements, and other factors, both residential and commercial roofs should be made of certain durable materials. This will ensure a better lifespan of your roof, and make it much adaptable and also easy to maintain.

As an example, commercial roofs can cover a much larger surface and also incorporate various elements like air conditioning and ventilation. Whether you have hired a residential or commercial roofing company, you must discuss with them their expertise with each type of roof.

  1. The maintenance

Usually, commercial buildings will tend to cover much larger square footage, hence maintenance of such roofing is always more demanding.

Metal roofing or roof shingles may start disintegrating with time and also under harsh weather. It is necessary to do regular checkups and ensure that everything is in its place.

Comparatively, residential roofs are much easier to maintain as they are smaller and easier to check for damages. In most cases, you can also replace any shingles in the DIY way and unblock your gutters when required.

  1. The installation and also cost

One of the key differences between these commercial and residential roofs is how the installation will be carried out and also the total cost involved in the project. Before you begin any work, you must get a few quotes from a few renowned residential/commercial companies for roofing to see whether it will fit your budget.

Commercial roofing by default will be more expensive as compared to residential because of the amount of material and labor, size, and necessary protective equipment required for the installation work.

We hope now you have understood the basic differences between these two different applications of roofing material. To get further clarification you may consult any roofing experts.