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What is the best material for an exterior front door?

Windows and doors companies have not ceased to amaze homeowners and the entire building industry with various innovative designs and styles of exterior front doors using the major materials and variants to manufacture top-of-the-line front doors that enhance home aesthetics, functionality, and comfort. Until now, people planning to replace their front doors search for the best material for exterior front doors. Consequently, it is important to explore the available materials used for manufacturing exterior front doors.

The following are the most common materials used for manufacturing exterior front doors:

  1. Wood

Wood doors are the most common exterior front doors on the market. Windows and doors companies, as well as homeowners have relied on wood doors for a long time for exterior front doors. Wood is naturally attractive, sturdy, and durable – the features that are transferred to exterior front doors. Wood exterior front doors are usually installed for their beauty and improved security in any home they are installed. They, however, require regular repainting or refinishing to withstand the elements and be in good condition. Although wood doors are more expensive than other kinds of exterior front doors, they provide improve the overall security.

  1. Steel

Steel is an inexpensive material that is used for manufacturing exterior front doors. They are a less expensive option that improves both the aesthetics of the house and security. Due to their strength, they can protect the home against humidity and breeze better than wood doors. They are almost maintenance-free, except that you must paint and repaint steel exterior front doors to prevent them from rusting. However, steel doors do not warp, rot, or crack like wood doors and other variants. If well-maintained, steel doors last for a long time with little repairs.

  1. Fiberglass 

Fiberglass exterior front doors are the best energy-efficient doors you can install in your home. They can be made to have wood finish, but they will be highly resistant to wear and tear, and the extreme elements more than wood and steel doors. Meanwhile, low-quality fiberglass may crack in extreme cold and high-quality fiberglass doors can crack due to a hard impact. The good thing about fiberglass exterior front doors is that they can be finished into any appealing color without needing to be repainted.

  1. Aluminum 

Aluminum exterior front doors are almost maintenance-free – they do not rust or need to be repainted. They come in a wide variety of designs and styles that can improve the home aesthetics. They can be finished into smooth wood-grain but aluminum doors do not warp, crack, rust, or break. However, these doors can be a little more expensive than fiberglass or steel – they are the next most expensive doors after solid wood.


Whatever your choice is, windows and doors companies have an extensive collection of exterior front doors you can choose from for your home. Keep in mind that front doors need to be attractive and also protect your home without sacrificing your comfort while indoors. Choose the best material for your front door and have an enhanced experience.