Floor Refinishing

What is epoxy flooring and what are the advantages?

Epoxy flooring is a high-performance epoxy coating, quality and thickness ranging from 180 to 300 microns, depending on the number of applications and density of the coating used. It is an efficient medium. It can be used on walls and floors, providing significant advantages. Epoxy coating is quick to apply and cure, easy to clean and maintain. Its use offers high resistance, supporting the intense flow of machinery and people on industrial floors.

Epoxy flooring and its characteristics

The definition of epoxy flooring is based on the application location, activities, type of use, conditions of the existing industrial floor, and other environmental characteristics. It is well known for its pleasing aesthetics, variety of designs and colours, intense shine and perfect suitability, perfect for room decoration. The epoxy floor coatings can be used for various purposes, mainly because they are potent, robust, economical, and resistant to chemicals and substances. Its application can be carried out in several places, such as metallic structures, floors and masonry, tiles and even in swimming pools.

Main advantages of epoxy flooring

The advantages of epoxy flooring are many. Among them is the waterproofing characteristic that the coating promotes on the floors. Thus, when applied on the floor of commercial, industrial or residential buildings, the colour acts as a kind of concrete sealing, making it impossible to absorb fluids. This coating contributes significantly to the building’s resistance against infiltration and other damage caused by water. Therefore, epoxy coating is very suitable for areas such as – residential or corporate condominiums, liquid and petroleum industries, automotive centres, swimming pools, and gyms. See below the main advantages of epoxy coating –

  • Resistance to temperature variations,
  • Mechanical and abrasive resistance,
  • Finishing quality,
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance,
  • Good cost-benefit,
  • Fast installation,
  • Epoxy coating is robust, resistant to impacts and heavy traffic, and non-slip.

ZERO maintenance and cleaning

As it does not have joints and its surface is entirely smooth, its cleaning and maintenance are easy to be carried out. It is possible to find epoxy coating resistant to fire, water and chemicals. It has become a trend floor in several places worldwide, with many designs, textures and combinations.


The first thing you should be aware of when hiring this type of service is to know how to differentiate epoxy coating from epoxy flooring, as each one has its benefits and applications. Epoxy coating is less expensive than complete epoxy flooring. Another question that will help you make the right choice and have the desired result is the company or professional you will look for to carry out your epoxy flooring. Hire a professional epoxy flooring company and ask for a friendly quote. Proceed to the next step only if you are satisfied.