What Healthcare Facilities Should Know About Commercial Cleaning During COVID?

Healthcare facilities are at the forefront of the global war against Covid-19. Individuals and governments alike are looking at healthcare experts to guide humanity through this killer pandemic. While healthcare experts are doing their best to treat and vaccinate people, healthcare facilities have become a hotspot of the virus spread.

People are afraid to reach the healthcare facilities as many doctors and support staff have also come in contact with this deadly disease. Clear communication and following laid down hygiene and cleaning protocols is the need of the hour.

Here is what the healthcare facilities need to know about commercial cleaning services?

  • Need of Deep Cleaning

Cleaning is an integral part of any healthcare facility. Apart from regular cleaning and home cleaning services, healthcare facilities need regular commercial cleaning services or deep cleaning. Commercial cleaning services go beyond standard cleaning and cover hidden spaces. The commercial cleaning services assure both healthcare professionals and patients that they can trust the healthcare facility.

  • Targeting Germs and Viruses

Regular cleaning at healthcare facilities or home cleaning services provides visible cleaning. However, they are not very helpful when it comes to targetting germs and viruses. Healthcare facilities are the hotbed of harmful viruses and germs because of their very nature of the profession. Commercial cleaning services keep healthcare facilities free of these germs and viruses.

  • Keeping space fresh for new patients

It is critical to keep the space fresh for new patients. Keeping the space fresh ensures the safety of patients and healthcare professionals. An annual contract with a commercial cleaning services provider helps keep the cleaning go on auto mode without any break.

  • Using the right service providers

The right service provider makes a lot of difference. Unverified handyman professionals do not offer the same service levels every time and across varied locations. Easy Fix is India’s leading platform that brings handyman professional, companies and service teams together. Easy Fix offers background verified service professionals who use state of the art technology and tools to provide professional experience every time. A healthcare facility can get into an annual contract with Easy Fix and be rest assured to get commercial cleaning services across all their locations without worrying about the quality of service and punctuality.

Here’s why Easy Fix is the best platform for commercial cleaning services.

  • Verified Professionals

Easy Fix offers access to commercial cleaning services and other handyman services by verified professionals and undergoes police verification and work reviews. Ensures corporates and individuals get access to the best professionals with complete safety. The verification process also applies to the home cleaning services along with the corporate offerings.

  • Pan India Presence

Easy Fix has a presence in 220 cities across India, enabling Easy Fix to offer standard commercial cleaning services and other handyman services at all locations. Companies can request handyman services using the Easy Fix technology platform with complete control over scheduling and management.

  • Technology Support

Easy Fix offers a comprehensive technology platform. Companies can place service requests for commercial cleaning services and other handyman jobs on the Easy Fix platform. Brands get complete visibility on scheduling, order management and billing. Corporates also access dashboards and alerts to make an informed decision regarding their offices across the country.

  • Continuous Improvement

Every order goes through an audit process for continuous improvement. Over 40 training centres across the country ensure that professionals offer standard services across the country. Brands thus can extend a consistent customer experience to their clients.

Are you looking for home cleaning services or commercial cleaning services for your healthcare facility? Easy Fix is the best platform to get access to experts and verified professionals. Book your commercial cleaning services now.