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What causes a drafty window?

Are you wondering why your windows are drafty? Well, you’re in the right place! This is one of the most common complaints among homeowners. And in most cases, it tells you you need window replacement. Remember that drafty windows make you uncomfortable, but at the same time, they increase your energy bills. So, it is necessary to determine the cause of it. Read on to discover the most common causes of drafty windows.

#1 Damaged window frames

One of the first signs your windows need replacement is damaged frames. Every window frame will break down in time. And when it gets cracked or warped, it allows exterior air to enter your home. This is one of the most common causes of a drafty window.

#2 Temperature fluctuations

Temperature fluctuation can cause specific window materials to expand and contract. So, your frames can warp, chip, crack or fade because of extreme temperature fluctuations. As a result, you’ll experience a lot of drafts inside. Choosing a window replacement with materials that perform better is vital for your comfort. Aluminum or fiberglass windows do extremely well with frequent temperature changes.

#3 Inadequate installation

It would be best if you always avoided DIY installation projects for your windows. Inadequate installation can lead to drafts due to improper sealing. This is another common cause for a drafty window reported by many homeowners.

#4 Incorrect maintenance

No matter your windows’ age, maintenance is important for keeping up their lifespan. If you don’t clean and lubricate the tracks regularly, you risk damaging your windows beyond repair. So, a drafty window might be a sign of damage caused by inadequate maintenance.

#5 Increased moisture

Moisture can take a toll on every object inside your home. And your windows are the first ones to experience damage because of it. When your home has high moisture levels, your windows’ seal is damaged. As a result, exterior air can pass freely inside.

#6 Mold problems

Besides moisture, mold is another factor contributing to malfunctioning windows. It can seep into the tracks and trigger all sorts of problems. It is best to clean mildew as soon as you notice it with an alcohol-based solvent. Our experts say that sometimes professional mold removal services can save you a lot of hassle.

The bottom line

These are some of the most common causes of a drafty window. Keep in mind that several other aspects can have a say in your window’s lifespan. But if you already have this problem, it might be a good idea to consider window replacement. Make sure you have a professional window contractor installing your new windows. This is the best approach to insulate your home and prevent future problems adequately.