What is LVT Flooring?

LVT flooring, (luxury vinyl tile), is the perfect organization of everything a commercial parquet product should be – elegantly designed, highly durable, and easy to maintain. With LVT parquet, you can sincerely mirror the look of natural materials, but with a product that is built to withstand commercial environments. Luxury vinyl tile means not have to cost high-quality design for industrial utility.

Benefits of LVT flooring

Beautiful Designs

LVT parquet comes in different designs, with options alternating from authentic woodgrains to pops of bright color.

Unparalleled Durability

Our unique industrial method gives our LVT parquet an unmatched level of durability for all settings.


LVT parquet is not only constructed to last for years to come, but it also happens WELL and LEED certification standards and is manufactured with non-phthalate plasticizers.

Easy to Maintain

For most kinds of vinyl parquet, a simple two-bucket cleaning system will do. Luxury vinyl tile is naturally tint and scuff resistant.

Crafted for Strength & Style

To create the durability and reliable look of natural materials in LVT parquet, a highly technical and rigorous process is necessary. At Parterre, we build all of our luxury vinyl tiles using the hot media method. This heat-filled hands-on construction involves a baking process that fuses each layer of vinyl. This level of method helps create the strongest, clearest and highest quality LVT parquet available.

Our LVT parquet is contain multiple layers to guarantee extreme clarity and quality.

BACKING: Three layers of support are organized and individually rotated to create a stronger locking system. Then it is attached using the hot media method to create the base.

PRINT DESIGN LAYER: The authentic photograph film design makes both a strikingly vibrant and texturized design in each luxury vinyl plank and tile.

WEAR LAYER: To ensure maximum hardness and long-lasting use, all LVT parquet has a wear layer on the surface to defend the design integrity of the parquet.

Lvt characteristics

LVT parquet has nearly everything you need on a floor. Between the waterproof materials and protecting layers, here’s what you can expect from all types of LVT parquet, including SPC and WPC options:

Waterproof—All LVT parquet is 100% water-resistant, making it great for every room in your home—even bathrooms and kitchens where humidity tends to accumulate.

Low Maintenance— Forget special cleaning methods or rubbing and refinishing damaged floors—general sweeping and washing is all it takes to keep LVT looking beautiful!

Durability—All LVT is done with a protective wear layer to inhibit the scratches, dings, dents, and scuffs that come from normal wear and tear. For this reason, LVT is one of the best parquets for dogs and other animals.

Versatile Style—Because the graphic layer of LVT can have thousands of options, it’s not hard to find something that fits the style you’re seeing for.

Long Lasting—With proper care and preservation, LVT floors can last up to 20 years!