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Update Your Home with a Traditional Berber Rug

The idea of redecorating a home can be extremely exciting given this marks a positive change in someone’s life. Many people do not have the most creative eye when it comes to interior design, and that is okay! When attempting to successfully tackle the world of design, there are already so many choices that need to be made to ensure every room blends to create a story that represents each individual home. There is no need for anyone to put an unnecessary burden on their shoulders when trying to decide what type of rugs will fit best in their space when there is one type of rug that will fit any room in the house tremendously!

Traditional Moroccan Berber Rugs

A traditional Moroccan Berber rug is handwoven from the wool of an ancient breed of smaller sheep located in the Atlas Mountains. The seventeen nomadic Berber tribes who collectively called themselves “Beni Ourain”, lived deep in these very mountains. The tribes first began creating these rugs in order to stay warm as the temperature continued to grow colder. The winters in the icy Moroccan Atlas Mountains were unforgiving so these families had no room for error when spending time on the quality of their handwoven rugs. The authenticity of a Moroccan Berber rug is unmatched due to the high quality, bio-natural wool that is used to create every individual rug. To ensure the use of only the silkiest wool, a number of years may pass before enough wool is collected to create one of these unique Berber rugs. These rugs are 100% authentic and are always produced with the best quality and traditional style.

The Uses and Benefits of Beni Ourain Rugs

The Beni Ourain rug is an absolute necessity when it comes to home interior decor. They add a much-needed authentic touch to the entire esthetic of any home. These come in various shapes and sizes so everyone can find their perfect fit. The dimensions for the small rugs are 150cm x 100 cm while those for the extra large rugs can run as big as 400cm x 300cm. Moroccan Berber rugs can fit into any space! Not only are there various sizes, but the unique tribal art displayed on each rug provides a historic integration to many contemporary styles. These rugs are very well known for the colors used within their threads. They consist of lighter tones such as white and ivory as well as darker intertwined wool that is created through the use of 100% natural dye. While most of these rugs consist of neutral tones, there are also more modern pieces that can add a splash of color to any room. The production of the more neutral tones holds true to the minimalist Moroccan culture while the brighter colors display innovation within this extremely ancient art. No matter the color scheme, a Beni Ourain rug will always provide the authentic glue needed to magnificently tie a home together. Click here for more information.