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Update Your Child’s Bedroom As They Grow Quickly And Easily

Adolescence is a phase of life in which we go through many changes, including in tastes. This is also reflected in the decoration of the room. But, when the time comes to renovate the children’s room for the adolescent phase, it takes planning and creativity. You might as well consider these:

Color Update

One of the first changes that we think about when we are going to update a children’s room’s decoration is the color and the boys bedroom wallpaper if your child is male. Usually, children’s decoration has neutral colors or colors in pastel tones, which refer to childhood and a feeling of lightness and warmth. In adolescence, however, children begin to reject these childlike elements. A tip is to replace the walls’ color with a tone that gives the place more personality. However, the ideal is for the teenager to choose the color that most appeals to him, mainly because he is the one who will use the space for the longest time. Many young people prefer more vibrant colors, but they require care because they can interfere with rest and tranquility.

Another change is to remove the children’s wallpaper if you put removable temporary wallpaper. The walls can be used for your teen to express their tastes, so don’t hesitate to let your child put up posters of their favorite bands or movies. It is also a way to personalize the room.

Change Of Bed

Changing furniture is an essential intervention in changing the children’s room for teenagers. If in childhood, the little ones need a dresser. When they enter puberty, young people need a bigger wardrobe to accommodate clothes, shoes, and accessories. The sleeping place is another item that deserves parental attention. The teenager needs a giant bed. It grows very fast, so you can choose a single, widowed, or even double, depending on the space available.

Also, bedding should be renewed, replacing children’s prints with prints that express more of your child’s current taste. If the new bedding has a more neutral color, you can complement the decor with brightly colored pillows.

Space For Study

Another change that can be thought of for the renovation in your child’s room is to transform the reading corner or the toys into a study space. For this, you can remove the ottomans, chairs, and coffee tables and replace them with a study table and a chair that is better for your child’s new age.

In this space, the young person can not only study for the test but also do their activities. The computer or notebook can also be on the study table, allowing your child to have better ergonomics when accessing the internet, whether for study or entertainment. Also, think about the lighting project in the corner of the study. For example, near the study table, direct lighting is recommended, which avoids straining the child’s eyes during reading.

Shelves And Organizers

The shelves where toys or storybooks were previously-stored can also be reused for decoration. You can use them to store your child’s new books, as well as to store decorative items that best represent your child’s new phase, such as picture frames and other objects of the most varied.