Types of House Cleaning Services in Singapore.

Singapore, as it may seem clean and tidy now, wasn’t always the same. It was home to dirt and trash around the country. It was the resilience of Singaporeans and their Government that started a nationwide drive to drive out the dirt out of the country. As a result, Singaporeans inhibited a clean lifestyle and a cleaning attitude in their lives. 

But this doesn’t mean Singaporeans don’t need home cleaning services. Just like in every other country around the globe, house cleaning services can be used and bought in Singapore. 

Keeping this aspect in mind, there are several types of house cleaning services in Singapore and one needs to know what type of service they need. For this reason, we have narrowed down some of the commonly used and found cleaning service types that can be readily found in Singapore.
So, without further ado, let’s get started but first let’s just point out few benefits of cleaning-

Reduces Spread of Diseases

You must be well aware the dirt and unclean environment inside the house leads to the accumulation of materials that are harmful to the health of an ordinary human being.
So, when you clean your house, you’re getting rid of most of the disease-causing agents which is why this should always be the number one reason for cleaning in your mind. A clean home leads to a healthy lifestyle, both mentally and physically.

Positive Appearance

A clean house radiates positive energy. This is proved by a number of researches done in the field of psychology and its impact on the human mind. This can be easily proved by doing a little experiment on your own. Have a dirty room and its effects on your mood and mind. 

Time Saving and Value for Money

When you acquire cleaning services, you aren’t just saving your money but you are also saving your time which is the most essential commodity in a person’s life. Even though you are paying for it and money is going out, you’re still getting a lot of visible and hidden benefits. If you go on to save the money and start cleaning yourself, you are let go of a lot of time that you could have used for something else which might have been beneficial for you and your family.

So, these were some of the most prominent benefits of getting a cleaning service. Let us now dive into several types of home cleaning services that can be found in Singapore. 

Types of Cleaning Services

Homeowners usually neglect cleaning their house on a regular basis due to various reasons and one of the main ones of them is not having ample time for them to conduct a cleaning routine that can benefit them. In this scenario, it is then beneficial for everyone who does not have enough time in their daily lives to clean their house to seek cleaning services.

Let us focus on the domestic or residential type of cleaning services and identify what types are available for you to purchase.

Floor Cleaning

This is the most available and readily type of cleaning service found in Singapore. Many residents focus on cleaning the floors first as it is what makes our homes beautiful and look elegant. They mop the floor that you have specified whether it is a tiled floor or a hardwood. Most of the companies when asked to clean your house, like to inspect the paint of your walls so that they can avoid leaving patches on the wall while they are cleaning the floor.

Curtains and Carpet Cleaning

 Most of the households do not have simple flooring and they have carpets around the house. Carpet cleaning is more time consuming and energy consuming than cleaning the floors. It is beneficial for a homeowner who has carpets in their house to outsource the carpet cleaning to someone else.
Along with this, comes the curtain cleaning as well.


Many people sought house cleaning services. They need it because they have neither the time nor the energy to do all of the housework, so for this reason they hire or ask somebody else to do the housekeeping chores for them. It is also beneficial if you aren’t accustomed to cleaning different kinds of products you have in your house as you may damage them while cleaning them. Housekeeping services include every kind of service that embodies a house, such as doing laundry, ironing, etc. 

Upholstery Cleaning 

Upholstery cleaning service includes cleaning sofas and not only sofas but the mattresses as well. 

House Periphery Cleaning- Many people focus on cleaning the inside elements of the house but there are many companies that provide services where the outside of the house can be cleaned as well. For example, gardening, mowing, pathways, or everything outside the home that the person might wish to be cleaned. 

Sanitization- If you are someone that is extremely conscious of your health and well-being, this might be for you. Many companies also offer the sanitization services of your house which kills almost all of the bacteria that might be present in your house. 


House cleaning services in Singapore have always been a hot topic and residents constantly look forward to companies that can provide them the best and efficient cleaning services because as described earlier Singaporeans have adopted this clean lifestyle which was first initiated by the Government. Due to this, everyone in Singapore wishes to be presented cleanly, and because of which they highly focus on their hygiene. This gave rise to an industry that has been growing since then. It gets hard for someone to know what kind of cleaning service they need as they might not be completely sure. For this reason, we settled on some of the types that cleaning services in Singapore can readily find and you may find them to be helpful when you decide which you need or are going to get.
We hope this helps you. Thank you 🙂