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Types and Benefits of  Skylights

Skylights are above windows, normally placed on a roof, which enables sunlight to go inside an enclosed area. They’re the best natural light choice for artificial-lighting solutions during the daytime and you can buy skylights online. Skylights are normally covered using a transparent or translucent material which enables light to move through. Furthermore, they also help in protecting you from dangerous weather conditions.

Varieties of Skylights

This is the first thing one considers when you buy skylights online. They are fixed, vented, or tubular. Fixed & vented skylights are somewhat similar, though tubular skylights provide a completely dissimilar skylight experience.

1.     Fixed Skylights

Fixed Skylights are normal skylight windows that don’t open. They offer light & also a beautiful sky and other scenery. Fixed skylights are normally installed at high-ceiling where one cannot reach them. The reason being they don’t open and they don’t offer humidity control to a room.

2.     Vented Skylights

Vented skylights appear similar to fixed skylights, though they can be opened by electronic control or by hand. Thus, vented skylights are the best choice where excess humidity or condensation is an issue. For instance, they offer moisture control when in key-rooms, like kitchens & bathrooms. Vented skylights also double as alternative exits when an emergency occurs. If they’re simple to access & built to building codes. Though vented skylights are more expensive compared to fixed skylights.

3.     Tubular Skylights

These skylights are also known as solar skylights. These skylights are long tubes that are meant to catch & reflect light inside a room. These skylights are suitable for use in small spaces, like hallways, bathrooms & closets. Solar skylights are easier to install the reason being they fit between obstructions.

Solar skylights come with dimmers which helps in controlling the amount of light they offer. They can have exhaust fans which help in controlling moisture. Others can have a filter that keeps the UV-light out.

Kinds of Skylight Glass

The choice of skylight glass determines how durable one’s skylight is. Every kind of glass has features & treatments to hold out the UV-light. They also help in insulating better & mostly improve performance.

●      Tempered skylight-glass

This glass is resistant to scratch & it’s heat-treated for durability. However, if it breaks, it shatters to more nearly harmless granules. Though not making big shards, this glass is secure. It helps in insulating noise better than acrylic.

●      Plexiglass

This isn’t technically a kind of glass. It’s acrylic & also known as poly glass. It’s a strong & lightweight material which one requires to consider because it’s inexpensive. However, Acrylic scratches easily if hail or debris hits it. When scratched it allows in extra UV-rays compared to other skylight materials. The rays cause your furniture & flooring to fade. The same UV exposure wears down acrylic itself that eventually cracks.

●      Laminated Skylight-Glass

This glass comes with a thin layer made using ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) or polyvinyl butyral (PVB) sandwiched between 2 layers of tempered-glass. Thus, if a glass breaks, granules from tempered glass will hold onto the center-layer, decreasing the probabilities of the tempered glass parts falling in a room. More high-quality skylights have laminated-glass, though it’s normally a more expensive choice.

Benefits of buying skylights

  • When you buy skylights online, it offers you the best way of increasing ventilation & eco-friendly airflow inside your home, hotel, or office.
  • With either a remote-controlled or manual option, you will be able to revolutionize the air quality of your interior & even eliminate mildew-promoting steam from the bathroom or a wet room
  • Your cooling, light, or heating bills will drop, & your delight increases every sunny day.
  • Increases the value of the property. Buying a skylight online will be the differentiator which places your property on top of possible buyers’ lists. It’s architecturally beautiful, environmentally friendly, energy-efficient, a health-boosting, and biophilic design.


Skylights are available in more styles & designs. These products can be oval, rectangular, triangular, or any other shape. They are perhaps a most beautiful method of enjoying the rain as it falls overhead. Buy skylights online for you to enjoy the view of the sky and have sufficient lighting to your room.