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Two Compelling Reasons to Move to Northern Beaches

Roughly the size of the Cayman Islands, this region of Northern Beaches in New South Wales, Australia is a magnet for families, couples, and individuals who aspire to live a life inspired by the ocean. With 257 square kilometers of total land, it is a real estate haven of houses for sale in Northern Beaches with stunning beachfront views. The region currently registered a population of a little over 270,000 individuals, making it spacious enough for your privacy and close enough to build a community.

Located northeast of Sydney’s Central Business District, Northern Beaches is roughly a 20-minute trip to the state’s capital. That is why in Manly, real estate properties can be a bit more expensive as this is a popular suburb near Sydney. There are actually over 50 suburbs in Northern Beaches, many of them are lined up along the region’s coast. One of the farthest ones from the capital is Palm Beach, but it welcomes just as many visitors as Manly. When purchasing a property, the best real estates in Northern Beaches are typically those that face the ocean. However, there many other reasons why choosing this place as your new home is so worth it.

The beach life

The name of the region says it all. Northern Beaches boasts over 30 kilometers of coastline stretching from Palm Beach as its northernmost point and Manly at the southern tip. There are 20 identified beaches in the region, all of which have their own charm. Most properties lie along Manly and Palm Beach since these places are most popular. But there are also houses for sale in Northern Beaches that offer beachfront views in quieter suburbs. If you want a piece of history, Freshwater beach is the place to go as this was where surfing was first demonstrated by Duke Kahanamoku in 1915.

Parks and recreation

The west side of Northern Beaches offers a different type of scenery and it’s Ku-ring gai Chase National Park, the biggest nature reserve in the region. Named after the Guringai aboriginal group who first occupied this place, it is declared as the second oldest national park in the country. It’s also home to the celebrated Currawong Cottages, a well-loved holiday spot. Nature lovers will enjoy real estate in Northern Beaches that are nearer to this area.

There are many other reasons that make Northern Beaches a place worth living in. The Northern Beaches Council lists different activities, amenities, and community events that cater to its residents. In the end, while there are houses for sale in Northern Beaches, you’re not just buying a property; you’re embracing an experience like no other.