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Transport Options in Birmingham that Property Owners Should Know

Birmingham is a city in the West Midlands of England that has seen a lot of growth in recent years. As more and more people move into the city, the need for reliable transportation grows as well. There are many different transport options available in Birmingham, so property owners should know what they are.

Here are some of the different transportation options available in the city and what Birmingham property owners need to know about them.

Going around Birmingham

Navigating Birmingham is relatively simple, whether you prefer public transportation, cars, or walking. Visitors can get around central Birmingham through various means, including buses and trams operated by Network West Midlands.

Also, the city centre is highly pedestrian friendly with key attractions such as Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery and the Jewellery Quarter being situated close to main hubs like Birmingham Moor Street and Birmingham New Street stations. Consequently, getting around Birmingham should pose no great challenge to any visitor.

Buses and Trams

Network West Midlands is responsible for public transportation in Birmingham and the surrounding region of England’s West Midlands. As such, they operate buses and trams within Birmingham, as well as connecting it to nearby cities and towns. This makes it an ideal way to get around, especially if you don’t want to drive or deal with parking. The buses and trams are clean and comfortable, and the drivers are friendly and helpful.

Plus, the fares are very reasonable. Whether you’re just visiting Birmingham or you’re a resident, it is highly recommended to take advantage of Network West Midlands’ public transportation.


West Midlands Railway is a great option for travelers looking to explore the West Midlands region of England. The trains run from several stations in Birmingham, including Birmingham Moor Street, Birmingham International, and Birmingham New Street. They offer free Wi-Fi, luggage storage, and toilets on board, making them ideal for day trips.

West Midlands Railway is also ADA compliant, with all of their trains permitting wheelchairs and scooters and offering priority seating. Whether you’re looking to explore Birmingham or visit Stratford-upon-Avon for the day, West Midlands Railway is a great option.

Taxis and Ride-sharing Apps

Birmingham is well-served by taxis, with a number of options available to visitors. The two most popular taxi companies are TOA Taxis and T.C. Cars, both of which can be hailed on the street or pre-booked online. TOA Taxis has its own app, which can be used to call a car from anywhere in the city or to plan a journey in advance. T.C. Cars is a good pick for those who need wheelchair access in their car. Uber also operates in Birmingham, which can be used via its mobile app. Uber is often cheaper than a taxi, especially when going to and from the airport.


Birmingham property owners who are into biking are in luck because it is a great city for cycling, with plenty of scenic paths alongside its canals. West Midlands Cycle Hire makes it easy to get around the city center, with over 50 docks available for bike rental. You can use your smartphone to hire a bike from any of the docking stations, and then return it to the nearest dock when you arrive at your destination.

The Midlands Cycle Hire app notes how many bikes are available to hire at each docking station, as well as whether there is space available to park. Bikes cost 5 pence per minute, plus a 1 pound unlock fee. With Birmingham’s great cycling infrastructure, West Midlands Cycle Hire makes it easy and affordable to explore the city by bike.