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Transform your Home into a Tropical Paradise with a Thatch Runner Roll 

Using Mexican Palm Thatch Rolls as decoration could spark the imagination. This material has been made of straw, reed, bamboo, or palm. It could be used in a wide variety of ways of decorating the outside of the home. It would provide a tropical theme. The looks would bring forth pleasant memories of a beautiful island vacation. 

You could transform your home into a tropical paradise by starting with a thatch runner roll. The usual size has been 30 inches in width and 10 feet in length. Most would be available as long as 60 feet. It would be pertinent to mention here that the easiest runner roll to use would be manufactured from woven palm leaves. It would be pertinent to remember that the palm would last a significant length of time in warm or dry weather. Therefore, it would work the best in such climatic conditions. In the perfect climate, the natural palm thatch would last approximately five years. 

The runner roll requires cutting to fit the area that it would be covering. By using the thatch runner to drape around a roof or gazebo, any location could become tropical. Beginning with the low edge of the work area, you should staple it right over the nylon webbing. It may not be essential, but immensely helpful to screw a furring strip an inch over the webbing. It would cater to your additional support. Rest assured that wood works the best for this. 

You should overlap the remaining material. It would make the job more fun once the results have begun to take shape. The tropical décor would not be completing without a couple of unique thatch umbrellas. These umbrellas would come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. The right one would be dependent on the weather conditions, the appearance of the entire outdoor décor, and the taste of the homeowner. 

It would be pertinent to mention here that reed umbrellas would be chosen for a clean, neat, and exquisite appearance. The umbrellas have been manufactured from the dried palm in a tiki-style to provide your swimming pool or backyard a tropical appearance. They would also look useful for an escape from the rain shower coming unexpectedly during your weekend party or relaxing mode in the backyard. The raincape thatch umbrella or the hand-woven Mexican palm style umbrella has become relatively more popular with the people. These have been easier to make or buy prefabricated. 

To create a total theme of the tropics, a thatch roof would be your best bet. A majority of people may not be able to have a completely authentic roof. However, those bungalows at the hotels in the tropical islands would have the right idea about it. 

Presently, you would come across numerous thatched cottages specifically modernized to meet your specific needs. People commuting to the city or the town, but not working in the village would prefer to reside in these cottages. Most of these have been weekend cottages. You could make the most of these thatched cottages for a tropical experience.