Real Estate

Top Tips: How to make your home more valuable and sell faster

Bangkok condominium’s marketplace is huge. The point is, you may feel vulnerable when hosting an open house, but the only way to deal with that is to have a professional with a charming personality. And that starts with acquiring the tools of a professional home seller.

The first and foremost thing is to hire an agent. Sadly, many times we bite off more than we can chew. Some agents are so hungry that they eat up other qualified agents in order to find business, so you may find the standard commission model a bit extreme. Some points to consider are:

  1. Tell your agent what are your needs and expectations. If you want find your home to go for as much as possible, do not be tempted to tell them things that may potentially slow down the process. A good agent will generate comps and show your home the first weekend. If you want to test the market just speak with them, don’t work with them. Make sure your agent brings you a contingent offer with a number you can accept as your bottom line.
  2. Be upfront with your agent if you have a number in mind. When you tell them that you want to sell your home for a certain amount, they should be able to highlight a range of possibilities that will work for you. If your agent uses outdated software, you may actually receive better results as buyers will thank you for being straight with them, and will react positively to the agent who/wholesales homes for cash fast.
  3. An Independent Valuation Report (IVR) can help protect you. Buyers are more likely to make good choices when purchasing if they know what others think of the home. You do not need a BAC or CMA to seal the deal; you need no advisory reports or opinions, just basic research.
  4. Don’t pander to the public. Always try to win them over to your point of view. What do real estate agents do for you? They find leads. They place buyers and sellers together and make a profit. Your job is to stand clear of opportunists, and offer a solid position that is factual. Even though you may know how to sell your home, the best way to sell it is during absolute peak traffic periods, as tons of buyers want to buy. Don’t pander, just be prepared.
  5. Be careful of the people who help you. At one time, an agent could immediately determine if he/she was a competent listing agent for you. In today’s online world, agents have become so clever, it is hard to know who is who. So how do you see where you stand with the person who has the listing for your next home? Check out who that person is out and see how they either accomplish the job or turn it into a flop for their next payday.

Today, you do not have to go into a high-traffic period to sell your home. In fact, you don’t need the home to be open for view 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Do whatever sells for you in the first 45 days. Do the research work and you will find the right buyer? If you are online and you are not yet prepared, you better get with your agent as soon as possible and begin the process of becoming an expert in this business.