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Top Locations to Buy Birmingham Property

Birmingham is one of the UK’s largest cities, and it has a rich history. Founded in 1086, it is now home to many thriving industries that contribute to its economy in various ways, including manufacturing, retailing, publishing, and the arts.

With so much going on here at any given time you’re sure to find something that interests you! If you are thinking about buying Birmingham property, then it is important that you know where in the city you should start looking based on your needs, budget, and property investment goals.

Here are some of the top areas to check out Birmingham property:

  1. Moseley.

Moseley is a wonderful choice for families looking to live in Birmingham. It only takes 20 minutes on public transportation from downtown, but there are plenty of things that make this suburb so special: an 11-acre park where you can spend time together as well as other amenities like bars and restaurants lining the streets all year long with festivals during summertime.

Moseley is known for its high-quality schools, including a school for children on the Autistic Spectrum. It was crowned as Best Place in 2015 by The Sunday Times Magazine and if you can afford it -the average price of semi-detached properties is at £402K or above-, then Moseley may very well become your new home.

  1. Sutton Coldfield

Sutton Coldfield is a town of great variety and opportunity. This Birmingham suburb has something for everyone – golf courses, sports enthusiasts with their own leisure centre to keep them busy after hours in the sun or rain; theatres that show all types movies no matter what genre you like (or don’t); shopping at major retailers mixed up nicely among independent stores if anything is more special than another pair of shoes!

The beautiful Sutton Coldfield area in Birmingham is a 30-minute train ride from the city centre, but at around £500k for a detached house it may be worth considering if you’re looking.

  1. Edgbaston

Edgbaston is a suburb with easy access to the city centre, making it an ideal location for families and students alike. This means investors will have more options when choosing where they rent out their property if licenses are obtained from HMO-type occupancy permits as well.

Edgbaston has seen the average property price increase by 39.04% over ten years to £295,700 which is higher than many other areas on our list but it’s important to note that residents of Edgbaston have been able rent their homes at an affordable rate due in part from high rents ($1,014 monthly). Quality properties are also very secure with demand always being strong enough for investors making this Birmingham suburb one of best places to buy houses around.

  1. Jewellery Quarter

The Jewellery Quarter is a historic area in Birmingham that was once home to 40% of all UK jewellery production. The decline over time led it into redevelopment as an up-and-coming hub for creative types, and the district is now home to various business industries.

The thriving, youthful culture of the Jewellery Quarter has led to an increase in demand for property. With waves of young creatives moving into the area and new museums opening up within walking distance from one another-the regeneration has attracted newcomers who want their slice of this vibrancy. This upsurge caused prices 28% higher than they were three years ago – making it a prime investment opportunity.