Things You Should Take Care of When It Comes to Lawn Care

Do you have a beautiful lawn? If yes, you must be aware of the things you should and shouldn’t do. Your lawn is the first thing that guests would notice while entering your house. Hence, it’s important to keep the lawn in proper shape. A beautifully maintained lawn would help you impress your visitors. If you are looking for things you mustn’t do with your lawn, read below the things mentioned below.

  • Not aerating properly

As you know lawns are placed over the topsoil, it’s loose and with time gets filled with pests, dents, water, mower, etc. thus not allowing water and oxygen to seep thoroughly. With time, the soil might even get drained for the necessary nutrients. Hence, the foremost task as a lawn owner must be to restore the nutritional balance of the soil. Using an aerator, you must regularly aerate the soil and let the lawn nurture itself. For aeration, you can contact a professional lawn care company

  • Not using a dull mower blade 

Owners are usually not careful about the type of equipment they use to mow their lawns. They often use a blunt mower blade, unaware of the fact that it can harm the plant. Whenever you cut lawn grass using dull mower blades, the grass looks brownish at the top. So always be mindful to sharpen the tip of the mower before you start to mow. This enables lawn grasses to grow in proper shape.

  • Watering it excessively

Watering your lawn more than it needs can be harmful. As we know, too much of something is never good, too much water can drain the lawn of its necessary nutrients. Do not water lawn grasses every day. Once a week would be enough. Lawn owners are advised to water the grass for one continuous hour after every seven days.

Never mow in the same direction. Mowing in the same direction repeatedly makes the grass grow in one direction. It makes the entire lawn look odd. Mowing requires special skills and knowledge. Owners are hence advised to not mow their lawn themselves. Hiring a lawn mowing company would be a better decision. Not only will it ensure proper mowing of the lawn, but also will reduce the chances of accidents that might have occurred otherwise.