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Things You Need To Know About Gas Safety

Gas Safety:

Certain specific properties of compressed gases that makes them highly useful   in our day today various research activities. These gases can cause dangerous harms if not handled in a proper manner. Many of the odorless and colorless gases would be highly toxic and flammable; this causes adverse effect of scenario in our homes.

Types of gases:

  • Flammable gases burns or explodes if it gets mixed in the air, oxygen or the oxidant that is present in the source of ignition
  • Inert gases are resistant to chemical actions under normal temperature and pressure conditions.
  • Oxidizing gases   supports combustion
  • Pyrophoric  gases  spontaneously  ignites upon exposure to air
    • Corrosive gas can burn the body  and destroy body tissues on contact. These gases also attack and corrode metals.
  • Toxic gases is harmful to humans when it exceeds the maximum allowable concentration into the air.
Flammable gases Hydrogen, Methane, Ethylene, Ethane, Propylene, LPG
Inert gases Argon, Helium, Neon and Nitrogen
Oxidizers Oxygen and Nitrous Oxide
Pyrophoric  gases   Silane and Phosphates
Toxic gases Carbon Monoxide, Sulphur dioxide, Germane, Chlorine and Ammonia

Hazardous in gas cylinder usage:

  • Oxyen deficient atmosphere always results in asphyxiation.
  • Formation of flammable gases air mixtures in the case of leakage of the flammable gases.
  • Oxygen enriched atmosphere in case of leakage of oxygen gases.
  • Injury occurs because of mishandling of gases cylinders in our homes.
  • Exposure to high concentration of  toxic or corrosive gases in case of leakages.
  • Gas cylinders can explode to higher temperature (i.e) in case of fire.
  • If the valve breaks out, the sudden release of compressed gases leads to lethal missile.


  • Gas cylinders should be capped properly when they are not connected to the system or not in usage.
  • Oxygen deficiency-Leakage of any gases except oxygen inside a enclosed/ confined space can cause displacement of oxygen resulting in an oxygen deficient atmosphere.
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  • Enter into a workspace where the oxygen level is above  19.5% , if it is below the required percentage then it is unsafe and  not permitted .
  • Gas cylinders must be stored in a separate storage area outside the building, the storage area must be protected from the weather.
  • Flammable gas cylinders must be separated from oxygen cylinders by a very distance of 6m or by a wall of 30 minutes fire resistance.
  • Always refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for the gas before its usage, to know about the precautions and hazardous.
  • Do not tamper with cylinder valves.
  • Always use the correct regulator for the gas  cylinder do not use the wrong regulator if one does not have the required knowledge .
  • Use safety glasses while working with the gas cylinders.
  • Close the cylinder Valve:
  1. Work is completed.
  2. The gas cylinder is empty.