The Secrets for the best Residential Insulation Service

Insulating your house without knowing the details of the problems upstream is like working blind. It is comparable to the importance of a good oscultation before any treatment. To start, a thermal diagnosis helps you to detect beforehand the indicators of a faulty insulation. For renovation, it can be a problem of moisture or water infiltration to the presence of thermal bridges of mold or cold walls etc. In construction, it is better to undertake the insulation of the whole structure in order of priority. This will help you better understand possible insulation problems. 

From there, the insulation of the attic (lost or convertible) remains the most profitable. Along with the roof, these are in fact the stations where there is the most heat loss. By treating them first, you increase your chances of reducing your energy consumption. And consequently, your heating bills. Obviously, there are several methods of insulating the roof, but if you plan to have a living space under the roof, insulation from the outside will work better. Then, continue with the insulation of the walls and partitions, the insulation of the doors and windows and insulation of floors and floors. This will give you continuous insulation. From the residential insulation greensboro nc service you can have the best choice

The importance of good airtightness

The air of nothing, the heat losses end up weighing heavily on our energy bills. This is why specific airtightness membranes have been specially designed to complete the insulation. They have a dual function of suppressing parasitic air leaks and of sealing against vapor. These devices are essential for successful insulation. Besides, what’s the point of heating your interior by insulating the house if it is to quickly let the heat escape through non-airtight walls? In addition, cold air laden with humidity will also infiltrate through these parasitic inlets. If you are not careful, this will increase the discomfort felt in winter weather.

Tips for successfully insulating the different walls

There are simple tips to put in place to perfect your insulation. Obviously, your insulation must be efficient for optimum thermal and acoustic insulation. Understand by this a natural or synthetic insulating material with high thermal resistance but low thermal conductivity. The closest example of a good thermal insulator is polyurethane. Indeed, with its lambda coefficient (thermal conductivity) between 0.021 and 0.028 W / mK, it completely manages to eliminate existing thermal bridges. Glass woolalso meets these expectations with its 0.030 W / mK The ideal would be to target the performance of a BBC or low consumption building.

Here is how to optimize the insulation of each element:

Windows: double glazing and weather stripping with expanding foam or sealant, thermal insulating curtains or thermal liner

Doors: door bottom for entry doors and garage door insulation kit for garage doors

Roller shutters: special roller shutter insulation kit in adhesive foam roll

  • Radiators, heating: installation of a heat reflector for radiators
  • Floor coverings: thick carpet or velor rugs
  • Wall coverings: cork roll or insulating paint