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The Right Way to Clean Your Air Conditioner

The Right Way to Clean Your Air Conditioner

With the entire world made standstill by the pandemic, getting an Air Conditioning repair Scarborough doesn’t seem possible. So it is recommended to clean your air conditioner by yourself at home, this is not a very hard task. With the right steps followed, cleaning your air conditioner might seem hassle-free.

Usually, the ac does not emit cooling air because the filter is usually clogged, making it unable to blow cold air. Professional air conditioner serviceman charges up to $100 for cleaning your ac, but this money can be saved as cleaning your ac is a simple task.

How to clean air conditioner?

  1. Turning off the power supply

The first step on how to clean ac is turning off the ac power supply and opening the panel.

  1. Remove the filter

Then you are required to remove the plastic filter, which usually snaps off. Then proceed to remove off the AC unit, it might be a bit heavy, so make sure to get help. The blower unit will have a space to open up for the evaporator coil. Make sure to have a  in hand as there may be many bolts to open up while removing the AC unit.

  1. Clean the evaporator coils

Use a soft brush to clean out the dust from the evaporator coil, and it is recommended to wear a mask as the dust could trigger your allergies and cause sneezing. You can also buy a coil cleaner from the supermarket and use that to spray the foam and clean the coil. This is also done by the Moncrief Heating & Air Conditioning in Atlanta.

  1. Cleaning the AC Drain Pan

Once you are done with cleaning the coil, the next task is to clean the drain pan. Soap and hot water will do the trick, and bleach can be used as a sanitizer.

  1. Clean the air conditioner unit

Check if the air conditioner unit is clogged as there could be algae build-up here without regular maintenance. This is a vital step in how to clean air conditioner unitas a lack of flow from this unit could disrupt its service.

  1. Close the access panel

Reattach the access panel just as you did while removal of the unit and enclose it properly and make sure it is firmly attached.

  1. Level the air conditioning unit

If the condenser is not in level, then dust may settle and result in more money being spent on repairs. Make sure it is in level.