The Importance Of Cabinets For Your Kitchen Design In Florida

While most homeowners immediately recognize the importance of cabinets both in the kitchen and the bathroom, fewer contact cabinet manufacturers or cabinet wholesalers, especially those based in Florida, because of high shipping costs. Without proper cabinets for kitchen remodeling, you’ll be forced to buy supplies on a very small whim, or store a small kitchen with nothing to do. Even if you do get cabinets, the shipping costs can drive the overall costs way up. There are many other ways to remodel the kitchen without resorting to an extreme measure, such as tearing out walls or moving appliances from one room to another. Here are five ways you can save big when remodeling the kitchen.

One way to remodel the kitchen without breaking the bank is to use high-quality furniture-grade plywood instead of particleboard when building cabinets. One reason it’s a good idea to use solid wood is that wood expands and contracts based on its moisture content, which makes it more resistant to staining and damage. Furniture-grade plywood has high moisture content, which makes it ideal for kitchen cabinets because it doesn’t break down as easily. If you find solid plywood cabinets at a discount warehouse store, don’t pass up the opportunity to make your own cabinet planks. You can create solid wood cabinets using a cabinet plan kit and a router.

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Cabinets from big box stores are typically flimsy and don’t hold up well to heavy use. When you remodel the kitchen, think about replacing those cheap kitchen cabinets with new, quality ones. There’s a wide variety of cabinet styles from contemporary to modern, antique to Victorian, depending on what you prefer. Some cabinet wholesalers carry only high-quality cabinet models, but you can still pick up nice cabinetry at big box stores by checking out their websites or contacting them directly.

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