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The best Rugs and Their Maintenance


Rugs are great accessories to complement the decor, bring a sense of warmth and a climate of comfort to the environment. In addition, they delimit space and help position furniture.

But they are also the cause of numerous questions about size, prints and how to combine everything with the rest of the decor. If you have these and other questions, here at Blog Mara, we have separated some tips that will help you solve these issues. Check only:


One of the functions of the rug is to bring a pleasant feeling to the space. And as the look counts and a lot in the final result, an inappropriate size rug can give a feeling of discomfort. To resolve this, prioritize what is at least 20 cm more (and this measure is under the sofa). For seats, it is recommended that it is completely filled! In the case of the dining room, the ideal is that when pulling the chair, the seat should still be under the carpet.


With so many beautiful prints, you can have a neutral base and use a carpet with more striking colors. And if the base is not neutral, focus on a piece that has a color palette that complements everything else. The cushions are important allies in this choice and the colors of the two can match.


The most common carpets are rectangular, but for those who want to innovate, round carpets are also welcome! The tip is that they occupy a large part of the space in which it is placed!

The rugs that have more hair are the most recommended for more intimate areas. In places with more circulation, prioritize models that are less hairy. Hygiene is more guaranteed, in addition to allergies that can end up being aggravated with this type of garment.

Not To Slide

It is possible to find some tapes that can be glued on the back of the rug and avoid accidents, since the piece will be more fixed to the floor without slipping. This is a great tip and can avoid unpleasant situations.


Between two to three times a year take the rugs to be washed in the laundry. So the parts stay clean for longer and avoid accumulating dirt. Another important tip is to avoid walking in with your shoes on the street and stepping on the carpet. Just imagine how much dirt will come straight out of your living room! Also, try to vacuum frequently and let the sun enter the room to reduce the spread of mites. When it comes to high quality rug cleaning then you will need the best choices. So many companies are now in the market and you will need to have the best choices for the same. There are many options open now in the online market and you can choose the best one in this case.