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Stair lift maintenance: information that you should know

Maintaining a stair lift solution is important to extend the life of the machine and prevent future incidents. The increase in life expectancy of the population in recent years has forced the creation of more innovative stair lift solutions designed for more intensive use. Although stair lifts have a long useful life, it is important to take care of them so that they are always in perfect condition and ready to be used at any time.

Therefore, it is advisable to hire stair lifts repairs and maintenance service to ensure optimal use of the machine and detect possible incidents, or breakdowns in a preventive way. We explain why it is important to carry out maintenance.

The importance of hiring professional repairing services

Although there is no obligation to have a maintenance contract signed for the installation of a stair lift, there can always be faults or doubts about its correct use. For this reason, it is recommended that one or two inspections per year be carried out by a specialized technician. At Mobility 123 we are aware that for some people the use of a stair lift is essential for the development of their daily life.

It is why we have different maintenance modalities with emergency repair service. These maintenance contracts are used to keep the stair lift in excellent condition so that it is always ready for use. Besides the urgent repair service, we also offer telephone assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and a preventive maintenance service. Get in touch with us and we will inform you about the best options to extend the life of your stair lift and prevent future breakdowns.

Stair climber malfunctions

Although it is not usual, and as it happens with all machines, it is normal that a breakdown may occur – malfunctioning of the batteries, malfunctioning of the electronic base, malfunctioning of the machine’s motor or malfunctioning of the keypads or controls. In these cases, having a good after-sales service is very important to solve any incident in the shortest possible time. In Mobility 123 we offer you the transfer of our technicians to the repair site, carrying out a professional evaluation of possible incidents and offering a customized technical diagnosis.

Many stair lifts have a diagnostic screen so that you can monitor the status of your stair lift at all times. In this way, if an incident occurs, you will be able to identify possible breakdowns easily and quickly, solving some of them easily over the phone. The technical assistance service, backed by qualified personnel, offers you a comprehensive service to answer your questions and quickly resolve any incident that may arise.

Repair of stair lift aids

In Mobility 123 we offer repairs for 95% of the brands of stair lifts on the market. Even if the stair lift was not installed by us, we can also evaluate and offer you our preventive maintenance and breakdown repair plans. Besides, the maintenance price of a stair lift is much cheaper than the maintenance of an elevator, being all savings in the medium and long term.