Spring Pests Approaching


No matter the season, pests will always be lurking in the corner, looking for ways to survive. If they are able to endure the winter months, imagine how festive pests would be when spring comes wherein many things in our surroundings become active again and bursting with life!

As spring arrives, you can expect a boost in pest activities as many pests would surely come out of hibernation and get peppy for the warm days. Homeowners must therefore brace themselves and cover all the bases. First, it is important to know the kinds of pests we should watch out for during springtime. Here is a list of the most common spring pests:


Ants are among the most likely bothersome pests that get a lot busier and bolder as soon as the sun comes out in spring. Carpenter ants, in particular, get into action to find food and shelter regardless of distance during the warm season. Clear indications of possible ant infestation include wood shavings beneath wooden objects, soft crackling sounds inside walls or woodwork, and the presence of winged ants. Ants easily gain entry to your home through cracks and openings, electrical wires, telephone lines, piping, and structural foundation. These crawling spring pests are known not only as contaminators of food but also as the number one cause of structural damage. Homeowners must make sure to properly seal the smallest entry points within the house and apply treatment to prevent ant growth.


Mosquitos are absolutely exasperating because of their itchy bites. However, what people have to really worry about is the mosquitos’ greater tendency to carry and transmit life-threatening diseases. That’s why it is imperative to combat these insects and remove all their breeding sites as soon as possible. These pesky pests normally reproduce in areas that may be containing stagnant water such as gutters, buckets, downspouts, and puddles. It is best for homeowners to inspect their property for any standing water in order to prevent the existence of mosquitos. Also, pesticides may be applied to exterminate these pests or reduce their activity.


These arachnids are said to be more active during the spring. They tend to dwell in cold dark places (i.e. basement) where they can spin their webs and hunt for their prey. While household spiders are considered harmless, it should not be ignored that there also exist dangerous spiders like the Black Widow or the Brown Recluse. Therefore, homeowners should be mindful with spiders and prevent their entries to the house by sealing cracks/crevices, storing food in properly sealed containers, and keeping the home environment sanitized, and moisture-free.


These pests are present all year round. When spring comes, they breed around April until June as well as in October till November. Rats are no doubt a huge health threat since they spread harmful viruses and diseases. Most of all, having them crawling in and around your residence is never a beautiful sight. To keep these disgusting spring pests at bay, homeowners need to properly dispose their garbage in well-covered trash cans and keep both the house’s interior and exterior free from clutter and food debris. As they search for food and shelter, rats would invade your home through holes and gaps; hence, meticulously sealing entry points for rodents is a must.

Other pests and insects that go full swing in spring include wasps, bees, beetles, termites, boxelder bugs, ticks, fleas, and cluster flies. The best preventive measure is to seal pest entry points early on or way before spring begins. Most of all, careful planning, along with the assistance of a trusted pest control management company, helps a lot in deterring infestation.