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Solution for Your Toilet Clogged with Poop

It is highly unlikely for someone to be willing to do the job of unclogging a toilet with poop. But shit happens in life and you should always be prepared to deal with it. While it is normal to feel disgusted at the initial moment, you will soon find out that it is necessary to do. You can always get help of the professional or choose to use some really effective household things to do the job. Some items in your bathroom and your kitchen are the effective answers to your question How to unclog a toilet with poop in it.

Baking soda and vinegar solution

It is highly unlikely for a house not to have these items in the kitchen. Effective and powerful, it will help you to clear the clog and get your toilet back in shape. Always put baking soda in the bowl first and prepare for foam and splashing. To make sure that you don’t end up with too much of flashing, slowly pour vinegar into the bowl. Bubbles will form rapidly due to the chemical reaction. Pour vinegar until there are no bubbles. Flushing should do the trick if you have just a normal clog. You might need to pour boiling water in case of an over-clogged toilet.

Household bleach

Bleach is a powerful agent that can clean the clog by dissolving the poop. In case of severely clogged toilet bleach can be very efficient in cleaning it. You need at least two to three cups of bleach to pour into the bowl. Slowly it will dissolve the poop. Be patient when the bleach does its job. Don’t flush the toilet in between the process as you will only be wasting the product. Once the poop dissolves completely, flush the toilet several times until you get a completely clean toilet.