Should I Choose Carpet or Hardwood Floors for My Home?

When it comes to deciding whether to install carpet or hardwood floors into your Las Vegas home, there are various considerations to go over. One of the biggest things to consider is cost, and in the case of carpets, they are one of the cheapest flooring options for your house. On average, the installation costs about $1300 to $1800. While hardwood floors are by far the most popular choice for homeowners, it is far more expensive. Installation for hardwood floors costs about $2700 to $3800. Even though most real estate agents say that homes with hardwood floors are easier to sell, this does not mean the entire house needs no carpet. Most often, Las Vegas home buyers often have a preference for carpet in bedrooms and living spaces. In this article, we will explore the benefits and differences between these two flooring solutions.

Other than cost, another main factor to consider is style. Each flooring option can give you room a different atmosphere. Hardwood flooring would best suit a Las Vegas home with pre-existing wood trim in its decor, and can also implement a sense of elegance or class to a room. With carpet, you have a wide variety of colors and shades to choose from, allowing you to match the type of decor in your home regardless of what it looks like.

Comfort is another important factor to take into consideration. Carpet flooring can produce a cozier environment as it is softer and warmer to walk on. If you are sitting or walking barefoot, carpet flooring will offer more cushion. On the other hand, hardwood flooring tends to be cool to the touch, so if your home is in warmer climates, it can be a better choice as it will help keep your house cooler. If you are having trouble deciding on which option to choose for the bedroom, a rug can be a good compromise of getting benefits from both solutions.

In terms of care, it can vary depending on the kind of care that is needed. Some believe that carpets are easier to clean because if you spill food or drink, you can spray some cleaner or vacuum the mess, though the same can almost be said for hardwood flooring. If you were to drop something heavy on wood flooring, though, there is a possibility that it could scratch or chip the floor, or if a spill isn’t cleaned in a timely manner, it could leave a permanent stain.

When trying to choose between hardwood floors or carpet for your Las Vegas home, make sure to consider which room it is for and whether you plan on selling soon. Both have their pros and cons and can come down to personal preference.

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