Removal Solutions in the Right Format

Everyone knows it today, comparing prices but also the different services offered by moving professionals is important. The moving sector being very competitive and very little standardized, there are great disparities in offers and prices in this environment. From cheap moving to high-end services, including economical formulas, it is not always easy to choose.

Pay attention to the services included or not in each package and beware of too tempting offers which can sometimes turn into a real “stupid trap” of unscrupulous movers. Ask for quotes from several companies and above all do not take into account 100% of the quotes drawn up on the internet which should only be indicative and not final.

A serious mover will take care to offer you a technical visit to your home to establish a detailed estimate and calculate the volume of your move precisely. A detailed quote will allow you to better compare offers that are sometimes misleading, omitting moving supplies, mileage or even the transport of specific loads. Choosing the local removals is important here.

Find out about the moving company

The Internet is often singled out for its scams and deceptions and yet it is a formidable tool for verifying the reliability of a business.

  • First of all, there are websites specializing in information on companies (SARL, EURL, SAS, etc.).
  • They will provide you with information on turnover , the number of employees, whether the company is in liquidation or in receivership, etc.
  • These sites do not, however, provide information on the individual companies that are legion in the move.
  • The shopper reviews are even more compelling information about the reliability and quality of a company.
  • They’ll let you know exactly what others thought about the moving company they’ve been dealing with.
  • This is a great way to sort out the good movers from the bad ones and make sure the one you choose is the right one.

Be careful, however, to read several opinions before forming an opinion. Indeed, some moving companies can congratulate themselves, but competitors can also insist on giving negative opinions concerning their rivals and thus distort the situation.

Share your good or bad opinion

choose-moving-company-mover-opinion-advice-guide-share-opinion.jpgBecause you are very happy to be able to trust the opinions of other consumers who have indicated you such or such a choice, it is essential to leave yourself your opinion on the movers with whom you have dealt.

Over the years in your home both in a house and in an apartment, you carelessly accumulate business and affairs. Before moving again and before the visit of several movers, we strongly advise you to carry out a first sorting of your goods. This will benefit you on several levels:

Make people happy: this first sorting will allow you to give, sell or throw away some of your belongings unused in recent years, which have no sentimental or market value.


Reduce the cost: this sorting will reduce your total volume (cubage calculated in m3) to be moved. Less goods, fewer boxes, the mover will therefore provide you with a cheaper quote than if you had not made this selection.