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Quick Fixes to Create a Gorgeous Livingroom

Every good decorating project requires careful planning and organization. But creating a functional, beautiful living room doesn’t have to be time-consuming or complicated. A great living room design can be achieved by using common household items and furniture if you have an eye for the right color combinations. The trick is choosing complementary colors that match your decor. Here are some quick fixes that that will turn your boring living room into gorgeous.

  1. Layer it Up- Layering different size rugs is a great way to giving your living room an instant upliftment. Begin with first covering your living room wall to wall with a large monochrome neutral color, this acts as a perfect base to layer other rugs. Then bring in a contrasting colored rug with a size that’s just enough to set your sofa legs. You can also go a little bold and get in the third rug that’s good to cover your center table area.
  2. Decorative Doormats- Many homeowners fail to notice the importance of stylish doormats at the entrance. These are special accessories that can be added quickly to create an impactful floor for your living room. Don’t be surprised if we tell you that layering different doormats is a hot trend! Place a bigger, cotton or jute doormat of dark color and then mount it up with a smaller doormat made of finest quality material with beautiful patterns to add a style element to the front entrance.
  3. Stylish Curtains- Curtains are an essential accessory of any room, and careful choices should be made to give your interior a transformation at a different level. Bathe your living room with a soothing curtain design that blends with your décor or you can opt for curtains that can be the focal point of the room by picking bold colors and patterns.
  4. Furniture of Right Size – Picking a coffee table that’s either smaller or bigger in contrast to the couch of the living room could be a big blunder that you should avoid to make the room look disproportionate. Ensure to invest in furniture that’s in sync with the size of the room and each other to create perfect harmony.
  5. Use Accessories to Style- Don’t let bare walls and empty corners stare back at you, fill these with chic accessories to give your living room an instant makeover. For example, you can put up a single larger than life, vibrant painting on the wall, or you can add varied sizes of lamps on the corner tables, or add different shaped mirrors on the way that only adds elegance but also creates a mirage of bigger living room space.

6. Place Succulents- To instantly perk up your place, adding cute indoor potted succulents to your living room is a great idea. Place these on the center table, side tables, TV units and watch how the green makes your place more cheerful.

Implement the above low-maintenance quick fixes to add a burst of glamor to your living room.