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Questions to Ask the Landscaping Company before Hiring their Services 

Have you ever hired a landscape company? Are you searching for the perfect landscaping Dallas TX designer for the first time? Consider making the most of the below-mentioned information to save you time and money. 

Find below a few questions that you should ask before hiring a landscape company. 

Question #1 – Is the company insured and licensed? 

It would be important to consider an insured and licensed landscape company. You should ensure to hire a landscape company that carries general liability insurance. Hire a company that has a proper license for any potential liability issue for you. Consider hiring a company that is adequately insured. Insist on the certificates of liability. It would be a good idea to inquire about any additional insurance the landscaping company has for you. 

Question #2 – Are the quoted prices cost estimates or fixed? 

A low-price could be often presented as a quote. Therefore, you should be wary of such quotes or estimates. Rather, you should insist on a firm proposal for the services to be offered. It should set a fixed price for the services offered. Unless a considerable amount of excavation is involved, your experienced landscape company would not have any issues with such an arrangement. 

Rest assured that a professional landscape company would base their pricing on these aspects – 

  • Labor 
  • Equipment 
  • Materials 
  • Profit 

However, consider looking for the overhead costs that you might not realize such as – 

  • Uniforms of the employees 
  • Training programs of the employees 
  • Expenses incurred in providing a higher level of services 

If you were looking forward to hiring the best services offering high quality and great customer service, the chances of you finding a company offering such services at lower prices would be highly unlikely. It would be in your best interest to look for a company that charges a reasonable amount for quality services. Only if you were comfortable with the proposal, consider hiring their services and undergo a written contract on the terms and scope of the work to be done. 

Question #3 – Does the company offer references for their previous work? 

A reliable and reputed landscaping company would not shy away from providing references for their previous jobs. It would help you determine the quality of work done by the company in other settings. It would be in your best interest to get in touch with a few references before you contemplate hiring the services of the potential landscaping company. 

Question #4 – What should be the line of communication with the landscaping company? 

You would be required to keep an open line of communication with the landscaping company for a successful relationship. They should have the competency to communicate effectively with you, the client, along the crew working on your landscape. They should provide a progress report of the work done every day and plan for the next day. 

Question #5 – What guarantee does the company offer you? 

A reliable company would be accountable for their performance of your project. Therefore, consider asking the company about the guarantee they offer for the project on your landscape. Look for 100% satisfaction guaranteed on the project. 

Asking the following questions and seeking suitable answers would give you the desired confidence in the potential company you intend to hire for your project.