Preventative Measures to Make Your Office Safer During COVID-19


A clean workplace was always critical. Regular cleaning and disinfection have become more crucial now that there is a COVID-19 outbreak. These days, trying to manage a company is more difficult than ever. To accomplish the amount of business necessary to keep the doors open, how do you ensure employees’ safety? What method do you use to keep your staff safe? A significant number of workplaces have been forced to relocate to an office in a distant location, but quite a few more have not been able to meet the demands of this kind of arrangement. You should take precautions to ensure the safety of your customers and staff, but this is especially vital at your workplace. Relieved to know that when you do business with Commercially Clean, you can expect to get professional commercial cleaning Melbourne. In the event of a pandemic, be aware of these things to keep your working environment safe.

Having to deal with challenging surfaces and high-touch areas

Entrances, counters, meeting rooms, and every other location where the public and clients come in contact with your personnel become high-risk zones for your personnel and customers. Regular maintenance is required to control the spread of COVID-19. A team of cleaning professionals should be sent in to disinfect and sanitise these places, but professional cleanings must be done at least monthly as well. Your workplace has to be kept secure and tidy to keep it this way.

  • Use a damp rag to clean all of the doorknobs and doors, including the front doors.
  • Every time you use the kitchen, wipe off the worktops and appliances.
  • Conferencing room furniture should be cleaned and disinfected after each usage.
  • The doors and buttons of the elevator should be cleaned regularly using a disinfectant.

It’s a good rule of thumb to always wipe down anything if you’re not sure whether or not it should be cleaned down. Your personnel will quickly learn how to do these cleaning duties and put them into their regular routines to guarantee that everyone who interacts with your company remains safe. Regular handling will also help keep the professional cleaner’s work in good condition.

People looking for peace of mind should turn to an expert Office cleaning Melbourne

It is much more than merely dusting your high-touch areas to make sure they are clean and safe. Although a professional Office cleaning Melbourne normally just disinfects an area using fogging and electrostatic spraying, they go beyond that by also using these two methods. We will also supply you with a certificate of completion and videos to assure immaculate compliance and security when the cleaning is completed. Your workers and your customers will be comfortable using these company-branded goods. As a result, their job will be done more quickly since they don’t have to be concerned about being sick.

Make sure you use all of the processes and routines you have identified to maintain your company clean and safe. When working with potentially infectious materials, always use disposable protective equipment such gloves, facemasks, and gowns. Make care to use the product as prescribed and to properly dispose of it. CDC recommendation: Wash your hands for 20 seconds, as the CDC recommends. Your best bet is to protect yourself and the people around you by looking out for yourself and those close to you.