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Popular decorating styles for your house

Decorating houses are an increasing trend as it allows people to make their home look as per their choices which provides their comfort. Some people also hire Painters Wimbledon to paint their house as per their choice. Similarly, you can hire decorators to decorate your house as per your design.

However, not many people are aware of the different styles of decorations available for their house. Here, we have listed out some of the popular decorating styles which you can look at if you are confused with the correct decoration styles for your house.


Most architectural styles of houses go with the transitional style. This style is both modern as well as traditional looking, offering the best of both worlds. This style uses dark woods, earthy reds, olive green, and neutral colors as its primary colors. The furniture has curvier ornamentation with softer and curvier lines. 


The modern style of decoration is generally well-tailored while having clean lines. These clean lines get a softer feel due to the tones of earth and wood. Mid-century sofas with a modern look are very popular. The materials used in such designs are generally natural-looking wood which is unpainted, leathers, metals, or other natural fibers. Over, the modern style of decoration gives a simple look without any cluttering. There are open spaces in modern decoration style which is ideal for people looking for simplicity in their life.


Contemporary design is very minimalistic in terms of design styles. The color palette of this design consists of white, black, and grey. They also have primary accents of color. This design also features glass and metal, while avoiding wood. Contemporary designs are good for small places or for places where you want to emphasize the natural features of your home such as the windows, or other architectural designs of your house. This design provides a cool and calm feeling.


The farmhouse is another decorating style that has been getting huge popularity lately. Such a design provides a feeling of fun, cozy while being comfortable at the same time. The sofas are generally overstuffed so that they are comfortable while being slipcovered which makes them low to maintain. The color pieces of the wooden table give a vintage feel while looking earthy and casual. 


All these decorating styles are hugely popular and you can choose any one of these without any doubt. To help you with your designing and painting needs, you can contact Painters Wimbledon who would be happy to help you.