Open Space Seating Ideas

Open living spaces are so in right now. Gone are the days where there were walls everywhere. Now, with free flowing spaces, a home can look expansive even if it has a very modest square footage. While open living spaces are definitely trending, you have to be careful about the choice of furniture that you make. Not all furniture goes well with open living spaces. Below are some useful tips.

Avoid tall furniture

The last thing you want to do is clutter up your open spaces with tall furniture. And, this includes sofas that are unusually tall or bulky. Instead, choose for armless or modern contemporary sofas that come with a sleek profile. This will allow the room to flow seamlessly, without suddenly being broken up by a clutter of bulky sofas. Remember, you want to create seating zones and not seating rooms. 

Chairs are a smart choice

Why not completely do away with sofas? When you think about it, only one person usually sits on a 2 seater or even a 3 seater sofa. That’s when chairs make the most sense. Not only do they provide private seating spaces, they take up a very small footprint that will be fully used. Accent chairs, swivel chairs or even footstools that double up as seats are all very smart choices. Swivel chairs are particularly useful as they can be used as seating that overlaps two living spaces. For example, placing a swivel chair on the peripheral area between a living room and kitchen will allow its occupant to swivel around and interact with both living spaces, without having to change seats. 

Dining rooms with collapsible seating

Dedicated dining chairs are a bit obtrusive when you think about how little they are used. Sure, they do a great job of bringing the family together for meals. But, when it isn’t meal time, they stand out like sore thumbs. That’s why tables with collapsible seats are fantastic. When dinner or lunch or breakfast is done, the chairs can be stacked away seamlessly with the table, giving you the appearance that only the table exists. This frees up space and allows your open living spaces to breathe easy.


Divans are low profile seats that are again great for open living spaces as they don’t take up much of a footprint. Besides looking minimalistic, they offer a rustic feel and warmth to any living space. Divans are usually placed up against a wall. This allows the wall to be used as a backrest as opposed to cushions, again helping with the minimalistic look. 

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