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Learn About Some of the Best Bathroom Trends of 2021

2021 has brought with it various bathroom trends to go with the home styles. You always want the bathroom to look elegant and luxurious. It’s a place where people relax and unwind to themselves. It has to be perfect! It’s one of the ideal places to enjoy yourself where no one disturbs you. It’s the pace where self-rituals typically take place.

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All the bathroom renovations for 2021 are classy, with the remodeling trend. The industrial sinks are matched with the bright pop of colors or even brass accents. The industrial vanities are perfect for the smaller bathrooms. Check out some of the latest bathroom designs that you would want to incorporate in your homes.

Best bathroom trends of 2021

·       Use of compact storage space

Are you bored of the more extensive cabinets in your bathrooms? Switch to the smaller cabinets by minimizing the storage area. All the compact shelves, cabinets, etc., are promoted simplistically. It helps in de-stressing the room and even keeps you organized.

Since the bathroom is an effective place, keeping it compact is the best idea. You can incorporate hidden cabinets and vanity under the storage spaces. Additionally, this appears to be less cluttered, leaving the bathroom to look more open.

·       The use of wood accents gives a trendier look.

When it comes to using warmer tones, the wood accents look gorgeous. Wood shades complement various colors such as blue, green, or even darker shades. Also, woodwork goes pretty well with vintage styles. It adds a traditional and personal touch to otherwise trendy bathrooms.

·       Making use of bond tile

When you are planning for bathroom tiling, choosing the right one is vital. 2021 is all about the straight pattern or bond tile. It is installing the tiles one on top of the other. This creates a design that is striking and calm at the same time.

Also, it highlights all the essential areas of the bathroom. You can never go wrong with using clean white tiles. White tiles go perfectly well with any bathroom, be it big or small.

·       Getting comfy with open showers and bathtubs

By changing the bathroom, you can also think of expanding it. Space is something the reason many homeowners plan to remodel it.

  1. Bathtubs

The enormous bathtub you have, the more relaxed you will feel. Homeowners do want a place where they can be at peace. It’s not always the Jacuzzi-style bathtubs you will prefer. Sometimes, the normal ones can also do the work.

  1. Open showers

For installing open showers, you have to increase the space of the bathrooms. Likewise, the available showers offer a spa-like experience right at home. It looks so gorgeous and so out of the world.

·       Asymmetrical mirrors

Asymmetrical mirrors are so in the market right now! Even the mirrors are becoming more intelligent in 2021. The frame-shaped mirrors are taking over where you can be creative as much as possible. Mirror lighting is another detail to be kept in mind.

Get sleek with stylish-looking mirrors changing the bathrooms. The contemporary backlit mirrors with front lights are also becoming widely known. Black-lit mirrors are the subtle option for many. Putting lights in front is a way for adding creativity.

·       Adding a pop of color to the walls

Use neutral shades in your bathrooms, and it can be either light or dark! Blue or green kitchens are particularly becoming so much popular. In that way, you can add shades to your bathrooms also.

The specific colors can be used to set various moods. Blue is said to bring relaxation levels to the bathrooms. Whereas green makes you feel so fresh and lively. It is also a fun way to add a touch to the otherwise boring bathrooms.

·       Industrial styled vanities

The metal finishes and funky tile patterns are taking over in 2021. The industrial vanity, with its modern and sleek design, looks so famous and outstanding. All the industrial sinks can be matched with fun tile patterns.

Bathroom Design Trends for 2021 I TRENDBOOK Design Forecast

This even modernizes the look to a great extent. Industrial vanities are a thing for people with smaller apartments and bathrooms. This trendy style belongs to 2021, so don’t miss it out.

·       Under-floor heating systems

Adding a heating system in the bathrooms is such a good investment for the home. Besides, the heating systems provide heat and also reduce the noise. More technologies are getting included in bathrooms.

The luxury bathrooms have a beverage centre as well. You may find bathroom designs with warmer drawers. There are traditional dryer places in some bathrooms.

·       Floating vanities

The floating bathroom vanities are anonymous with the designs. An only a little extra is essential to have a floating bathroom to the next level. It reduces the look of the visual cabinetry. The built-in organizers do here for adding some artful creativity. Also, you can add baskets beneath the floating cabinets.

·       Wallpapers

Many people cringe in the name of wallpapers, but it does look so grand. Secondly, use bold and colorful patterns on the wallpapers. The newer wallpaper versions are peel and stick without any problem. There is no glue required.

The powder room would be great to start. It’s a smaller space, so there is no moisture in-lock also. Surprise your guests with the stunning wallpapers in your bathrooms.

Change is good when it comes to bathrooms, and so many people believe that. Make your bathroom feel brand new again. Sometimes brick accent walls only do the trick. There are vast tiles options present nowadays. Choose any of the top brands from the markets.


The year 2021 has brought many beautiful bathroom designs into the light. Incorporate some in your bathrooms and make it feel new again.