Lawn Treatment in The Fall Season

Many families think that with the summer end, their responsibility towards the lawn is finished. This is a big mistake. In the fall season, you should not leave the yard untreated. It is considered the perfect period to set your landscape for spring.  We will talk about how to treat lawn in the fall. Follow these steps:

  1. Mow at the right time

It is significant to mow the lawn at dusk. Try to cut the grass less in the summer months. More and more cutting should be performed in autumn and spring. In summer, the mighty sun would harm the grass. If you do not want to mow the lawn by yourself, you can prefer the Top-Rated Lawn Care in Alpharetta.

  1. Deep water

The grass of your lawn needs around one inch of water every week to stay vigorous. It is strongly advised that the family members check whether the lawn is getting the right quantity of water as deep watering is responsible for making the roots grow deep inside the soil.

  1. Aerate the soil

In the simplest term, aerating means making holes in the land by taking out the soil’s plugs. It benefits to create more pore space and let the air, water, and nutrients come inside.

  1. Water in the morning

Watering the grass in the morning is seen as the best time. So much evaporation will take place if you water the yard in the middle of the day. If you water at night, then it can make the water stay on the surface.

  1. Mulching

Mulched grass will assist in keeping the grass hydrated by trapping the moisture next to the soil. Thus, it is a great technique to start with yourfall lawn treatment. Moreover, mulching helps in decreasing weeds from the yard. Beyond that, it also makes the soil structure better and brings nutrients.

  1. Fertilizing trees in fall

If the trees are healthy, they are likely to fight against insects and diseases. With the fertilizers, the trees of your lawn would be receiving micronutrients. The micronutrients play a gentle role in making the trees flourish. Some of the micronutrients are calcium, magnesium, nitrogen, sulphur, potassium, and phosphorus. You must get in touch with professionals as the task of determining the ideal fertilizer is a bit complicated. Favour the best lawn care in Alpharetta for extra guidance.