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Knowing Your Options for the Aircon Servicing

An air-conditioner that is not maintained accumulates fungi and dust that can transmit respiratory diseases or strong allergies. Learn more about the importance of good maintenance and its different stages.

How to maintain an air conditioner – repairing air conditioning


In this maintenance, the filters and the equipment in general must be cleaned and disinfected, lubricated and checked that it is working without any inconvenience. The interior part is disassembled so that the cleaning is complete.

In this phase, measurements of temperature, pressure, voltage, wind speed and remote control operation are made, predicting any failure that may occur in the future.

When the imminent failure is already present, maintenance is done seeking to solve the problem, replacing the compressor and repairing the board if necessary. So the air conditioner can work properly again.

Energy savings, better air quality, savings in repair or replacement, fewer respiratory diseases, lengthens the useful life of the equipment.

How often should it be done?
The cleaning must be done at least every 3 months, as well as the revision of the electrical part, every 6 months a lubrication of the moving parts is done, every year a general revision is made.

Leave it in expert hands
Since you know the types of maintenance and what is done in each one, we invite you to make the respective revision to yours. Preventive maintenance in air conditioning equipment is a fundamental part for its correct operation. As such, having a regular aircon servicing in Singapore is important to keep your air-conditioning system in good condition.

Air conditioners include among their components parts that can be replaced or cleaned. It is highly important to keep your equipment clean and free of bacteria that can result in colds, throat irritations, etc.

All this is easily avoidable with proper maintenance by air conditioning equipment maintenance specialists. Another very important factor is the correct use of the operating temperatures of the equipment, the temperature should be about 24 degrees with a possible variation of two degrees, that is, between 22 and 26 degrees.

  • At night it should not drop in any case of 25 degrees. This will guarantee that the equipment is not aggressive towards your health. Getting the air conditioning to work properly is, in principle, quite simple. For Split air conditioning to release cold, or heat, it is based on a refrigeration process that is hermetically closed and in which different changes in the state of the refrigerant take place, or better known as gas.
  • In this process, the “gas” refrigerant constantly changes from a liquid to a gaseous state. And it is what makes it possible to have a “cool or warm” room.

Taking this into account, we can deduce that for our split air-conditioning equipment to function correctly and not present breakdowns or temperature variations, it is extremely important to have both exchanges clean, and this is simply achieved with a good maintenance of our split system air conditioning.

Important For Your Health
The issue of bacteria is not a game and that is why we must disinfect the exchanger of our air conditioning, for when we make our enjoyment of it, we will not breathe said bacteria and we will avoid that the air conditioning unit has a bad smell when it is working.