Swimming Pool

Keeping Your Pool Safe

Ah, summer. What better sound is there than kids happily playing in the family pool? Keeping everyone happy is easy, but keeping them safe around water takes some work, starting with pool access itself. Sure it’s great to have a pool, but if it’s something more than a little inflatable pool that moves around the yard, you should be taking precautions as to who and when people can access the pool area.

Ideally, the pool area should be fenced off and the fence should be constructed from a sturdy material like stainless steel rod. . There is special fencing that you can get that is a lot harder to climb than regular fencing which makes it that much more difficult for anyone to get to the water unsupervised. Of course with fence you will need a gate, preferably one that is tricky to open. These days you can actually get self closing gates which are great for when you have to get through with items in your hands which makes it hard to grab and close the gate behind you. These gate closers work with the action of the gate and just close themselves. Great safety feature, especially if you have young kids who like to follow you everywhere.

Keeping the levels of chemicals at a safe level throughout the summer months will also help keep the kids happy and healthy while swimming. Too much chlorine will burn the eyes and make it uncomfortable to swim, while too little will cause bacteria and algae to form in the pool, also making it unsafe and uncomfortable to swim in. Kits are available at most stores to check the chemical levels in the water and should be used weekly.

Checking pool toys for leaks and breakage also goes a long way in pool safety. No one wants to be on a floatie that is losing air or play with a toy that has sharp edges through a break. Not only can bits of stray plastic hurt you if you step on it, but it can also get into the pool works and mess that up as well.

Nothing can take the place of competent adult supervision when kids are swimming. You should never leave kids unattended no matter what. Things can happen fast in a pool, and you’d never forgive yourself should anything happen while you were off getting a drink or answering the phone.