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Is Metal Roof Better Than Shingle?

Whether you’re in the market for new replacement roofs or you’re building your custom home, choosing a roof of choice can be a daunting task. The numerous roofing materials in the market will further compound your dilemma as each material has an advantage over the others, however, we’ll be focusing on only 2 of the best roofing materials today, which are Metal and Shingle. We’ll help you make a better decision between both materials as we make a comparison. Metal roofing in Brampton is however one of the most popular.

  1. Durability

Durability is a necessary feature for any roofing material as you need your roof in good condition for a long period. A durable roofing material means no extra money for roof replacement in the future. 

Metal roofs have a longevity period of nearly 75 years. These roofs can literally outlive their owners. Shingle, on the other hand, has a shorter lifespan. A shingle roof would barely surpass 25 years, falling 50 years short of its competitor. 

In the durability contest, metal roof snatches a lead.

  1. Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is the new language of everything. Windows, doors, and roofs are now being fortified with energy efficiency to reduce the amount spent on energy bills by each household. Homes with energy-efficient features have reported a decrease in their energy bills and witnessed a tremendous increase in insulation. 

Metal roofs are very energy-efficient as the metal panels are designed to absorb heat in higher temperatures and retain heat in cooler temperatures. However, shingles are simply the direct opposite. Shingles hold heat and can easily damage from too much exposure to heat. 

If you’re concerned about energy-efficiency, then you already know your choice. Spending less on energy bills will greatly improve your income.

  1. Weight

Weight on your structure can harm its integrity and lead to major defects. A weighty roof can also be a burden for installers. 


Metal roofs are lightweight, way lighter than singles. A metal roof weighs 1.4 pounds per square foot while Shingles weigh 2.5. This huge difference in both roofing materials lifts the burden off your structure.

  1. Cost

Buying a roofing material depends on your budget. Some roofing materials are expensive while others, ridiculously cheap. But with the price difference comes a difference in quality. Metal roofs are expensive, costing up to $900 per 100 Square feet. Meanwhile, shingles don’t cost more than 200 Square feet. However, you’ll get your ROI as a metal roof can reach up to 75 years.