Individually Pocketed Springs vs. Open Coil In Mattresses

Here we are going to talk about spring systems in mattresses.

Foam is pretty popular nowadays but there’s actually a lot of mattresses that have springs in them. The word coil is used also. It’s the same thing, it’s just two words that are interchangeable, coils or springs so.

There are two major types of spring systems in the marketplace today. One that is called individually pocketed or individually wrapped coils. Each of the springs inside of the fabric pockets have their own little fabric, a tube that they’re in, so to speak.

It makes it so you have a lot of independent movement between the coils, so when one person is moving around on one side of the bed, you don’t feel it a lot on the other side. So it can help you not be disturbed at night, if you were to you have somebody turnover on the bed next to you.

Another thing that those pocketed coils can do is move pretty independently of each other,  making it so that if your shoulder or your hip is in the mattress, it kind of works independent suspension under your body, making it so there’s more conforming to your body shape inside of the mattress, relieving pressure.

The other type of spring system is called open coil, it is open, there’s no fabric pockets around the springs and all the springs are connected together with what’s called a helical wire. The helical wire creates more surface tension on the mattress because it interlocks all the coils together and you have a flatter firmer springier type of spring system in this type of configuration.

You will feel a little bit more bounce in the mattress from side to side, but you might have greater firmness in the springs and so some people might prefer that.

From that point really the things that can vary are the quantity of coils, the gauge of wire of the coils and then obviously a lot has to do with how much cushioning is on top of the mattress, but ultimately you have to decide based on what you feel when you try out the mattress, what you might like better.

We do find that the individually wrapped coil mattress tends to be a bit more popular.

Are pocketed coil mattresses a better choice or just hype?

Many people ask what is the differences between pocketed coil and other coil types.

Do pocketed coil mattresses last longer?

Regular coils are shaped like the hourglass, where they’re wide on the top and on the bottom and thin in the middle.

The pocketed coils are evenly wide from top to bottom. This causes the coils to have fewer weak points and in turn last longer.

Do pocketed coil mattresses have better support?

The pocketed coils are individual and not connected like regular coils. This means that the support given to each part of the body is different, which causes more pressure relief and less pain in areas like the back, shoulder and hips.

Are pocketed coil mattresses good for couples?

Since the pocketed coils are not touching, they generate almost no noise and prevent most of the motion that’s transferred between partners. On top of less disturbance, since each person uses the coils that are under them, many people report that they don’t feel pulled by their partner’s weight after switching to a pocketed coil mattresses.

Are pocketed coil mattresses pricier?

When pocketed coil mattresses first came out they were a lot more expensive than regular mattresses, but nowadays you can pick up pocketed coil mattress for almost the same price as a regular one.

Don’t forget that even if they generally are pricier they last longer so you pay less in the long run.