Important Tips When Choosing a Kitchen Fitter

If you’re looking to install your own kitchen, you’ll need to pick the right person to do the work. Here are three things to consider when choosing a kitchen fitter Bangor, so you can ensure that your kitchen will be installed properly and that you won’t have any issues or problems with it down the road. You may also want to check out my previous article on hiring the right plumber.

1) Do They Have Insurance?

You want to make sure you know whether or not your kitchen fitter has liability insurance. Even if they’re careful, accidents do happen. If your new faucet falls on top of one of your house guests and it costs them an arm and a leg, you don’t want to be liable for that. And of course, you also need to know if they have workers’ compensation insurance. This ensures that their employees are protected against any workplace injuries that occur during their service calls, no matter who is at fault.

2) Are they Fully Qualified?

Do your research and make sure you hire a fully qualified kitchen fitter. All our fitters have been vetted by us, have experience of at least 2 years in fitting kitchens, and are fully insured. You can even ask to see copies of their qualifications before making your decision. Don’t be conned into going with an unqualified company just because they offer cheaper prices – it’s not worth risking your health and safety over a few pounds!

3) What Service Will They Provide?

Many kitchen fitters will provide services such as design and installation; however, not all of them do. Check whether your kitchen fitter can help you with both of these elements before making a choice. While it may seem like every professional has their own unique spin on design and installations, there are many similarities in how they work. Whether or not your designer or installer can show you previous examples of kitchens they’ve done is an important thing to check during your research phase. If they don’t have any past examples to show you, ask why—and if their response doesn’t sound satisfactory, look elsewhere for a company that can fulfill your needs.

4) Have you seen their Portfolio?

If they’re new to your area, it might be difficult to judge their quality. Make sure you can see examples of their work, and know what projects they’ve completed in Bangor—one recent project is more important than ten old ones in another town. Also, how long have they been in business? Be wary of up-and-coming firms: is there a steep learning curve? It’s great if they can develop effective products and perfect techniques with time, but if their work has an unfinished look to it, you might not want to leave your kitchen (or your money) in their hands.

5) Word of Mouth

Sometimes you don’t have to do anything when looking for a kitchen fitter in Bangor. Word of mouth is one of, if not THE best way to find good tradespeople. If you know someone who has had work done recently that they were happy with, chances are they will recommend their trade to others, and vice versa. If you don’t have friends or family in Bangor, ask around locally and see who people recommend in Bangor for your next job.