How To Spot Frozen Pipes At Home And What To Do With Them

The winter season can be problematic for homeowners. Apart from keeping your place warm, there are high chances that you’ll encounter frozen pipes during this period. If you ask a water restoration company, Elkhart, Indiana, you’ll know that frozen pipes are considered to be one of the most expensive and dangerous water pipe problems your household can encounter.

Pipes freeze when the temperature drops too low. As the frozen water expands over time, it can put pressure on pipes and burst once the pipes can’t hold the ice anymore. To prevent this one from happening, you should spot frozen pipes as early as possible. Here are six signs you need to be aware of.

You have low or zero water supply. One of the most common indicators of frozen pipes is the lack of water supply. If little or no water comes out of your faucets or showerheads and it’s wintertime, it’s highly likely that there’s frozen water within one of your pipes.

You smell something strange from your faucets. If you notice an odd smell that seems to come out from one of your faucets, it could mean that something is wrong with your pipe. If a water pipe gets clogged, this foul door will seep into your home through faucets (or drains).

You hear unusual sounds. If you ask your water restoration company, Elkhart, Indiana, another frozen-pipe symptom you should be aware of is hearing unusual sounds — clanging, banging, and/or gurgling. This is produced by frozen water melting and moving through your pipe.

Your pipes exhibit cracks. Frozen water can put pressure on your pipes. And once there’s too much pressure, your pipes can crack — and when this is not addressed, it will further lead to water leakage.

You see frost on your pipes. Besides cracks, frozen pipes can also have frosts on the exterior surface. If you notice this sign, you should get help from a plumber as soon as possible.

You notice that the temperature drops below the freezing level. Experts say the low temperature doesn’t always cause frozen pipes — but if the temperature is already below the freezing level, you should already be alarmed. You can prevent pipes from freezing by investing in pipe insulations.

Addressing Frozen Pipes

If the pipes you suspect to be freezing are accessible, you can thaw a section of it using a space heater or a hairdryer (and not with open flame devices). Just hear in mind that you run your faucet when thawing a pump so that the melted ice will be able to run through your pipe.

You should call a water restoration company, Elkhart, Indiana if the frozen pipes are hard to locate or are hard to access. You should also get help from them even if you’ve successfully thawed a portion of your pipe in order for it to be properly and completely addressed.

If worse comes to worst and your frozen pipe bursts, you should turn off your main water supply and call a plumber immediately. As an added safety measure, it’s also advisable to turn off the electricity in the part of your home where the pipe is located.

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