How to Hire the Best Solar Repair Company

Due to the increasing demand for solar panels as a source of renewable energy in Australia, there are a lot of solar companies that are already in the market today.  However, many clients also get frustrated due to lack of satisfaction with the services that their solar repair company is giving them.  So, the quest for hiring the best solar repair company has become extremely important. As you can see, a broken solar energy system can be very troublesome, as your home’s electricity depends on it.

We have made up a checklist to guide you in picking the right solar repair company that you can always count on, because this is a huge investment after all.


The solar industry has a lot of accreditation to protect its consumers and also to keep up with the standards.  Ask for their installer and systems design accreditation before signing in and remember, if they have no accreditation, you cannot get a rebate.


Make sure that the company has been operating for more than five years.  This guarantees that they are indeed experienced and trusted by a lot of consumers.  Do not get swayed by aggressive marketing such as giving freebies and huge discounts.


There’s nothing like marketing by word of mouth.  Customers give you the right information that you need first hand.  Ask your friends and family, or check online for reviews and forums. And do not get discouraged when at a first negative feedback.  Try to probe and check the real problem so you can properly assess the company without biases.  If you found the company that you like, try to ask their previous customers, and how they were serviced.


Now this is very common in the market.  Normally, sales people exaggerate the benefits of the product and make unrealistic projections and claims just to make a sale.  You know better than that.


When they price you with rates that are way lower than the current market price, this might be a red flag.  They might install under-quality solar systems and instead of saving, you end up paying more for fixtures and constant repairs.


Professional companies visit your homes to truly establish and profile your needs, and give you a quote that you can discuss afterwards.  It is best to also discuss your budget so they can adjust and still provide you with the best possible service and value for your money.  Take note that “one-size-fits-all” does not apply in solar energy systems.

Don’t get it wrong. Usually, new solar companies give their best foot forward in order to gain customers.  It’s not all that bad.  However, as mentioned, the solar energy system is a major investment. It helps to be responsible in checking for the right company to provide you with proper repair services.  Great service is heaven-sent, and would relieve you of headaches caused by maintaining your solar energy system.