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How To Find The Right Dining Table?

Do you want to buy a new dining table but are not sure which model to choose? Round or rectangular, extendable or not, made of wood or glass. It can be challenging to keep track of the different models available. Functional, friendly, and at the same time aesthetic – a dining table has to meet many criteria. Since the dining room is a place for gathering with family or friends, it is essential to choose a table that suits both the layout of the room and your needs to turn your dining room into a convivial space for sharing. We give you some tips on how to find THE perfect dining table!

Which Size To Choose?

The first step to finding the dining furniture north wales for example of your dreams? There are two main factors to consider when choosing the right table size: the layout of the dining room and the number of guests you want to welcome at your table. It may seem obvious, but these criteria are quickly forgotten when choosing. Most of the time, the number of seats at the table is specified in the product description to help you choose. If the number is not specified in the description, there is no need to panic! Here are a few guidelines to help you.

Count at least 60 cm on the table for each person. Allow 45 cm of seating space around the table and 120 cm of space behind the chairs. There is also an additional 20 cm for a possible passage. You lack the space? There are many ways for small spaces to set up a dining table. Extendable dining tables are made for you if you like to receive guests. Very practical, they allow you to receive as many guests as you wish. The perfect combination of festive dinner and space-saving in everyday life! Other height-adjustable models allow you to turn your coffee table into a dining table in no time. These 2-in-1 tables can be customized to suit your preferences and evening plans.

Which Shape To Choose?

Once you have determined the size of your dining table or furniture llanduduo for example, it is essential to find a suitable shape. Each shape has its peculiarities; it’s not just a matter of taste! The rectangular dining table is probably the most common model. Functional and spacious, it is ideal for large families or dinners with friends. The oval dining table is also a classic model. It can be used universally and fits particularly well in small rooms. It’s sociable and makes it easy to accommodate an extra guest, even at the last minute. Are you looking for the original touch? Opt for a round or square dining table. These more modern forms are very popular. The round dining table, for example, is ideal for smaller dining rooms as it makes it easier to move around the table.

Which Material To Choose?

Again, a wide range of options is available to you. Choose the material according to the style you want to give to your dining room and the function: work, eat, cook. So, it’s ideal if you have children: one wipe and the stains are gone! It is a 100% eco-friendly material as it allows you to use recycled wood. A wooden dining table is also suitable for a family with children, as it is a robust material. Are you single? It doesn’t matter whether it’s metal, glass, or imitation leather. All styles are allowed! Reach for metal for a designer dining table and wood for a rustic style. Would you like to surprise guests? Choose a dining table with multicolored LEDs.