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How to control temperature of air flow with HVAC dampers:

Air balancing is a tech work that involves lots of planning and proper work with the ducting systems. A proper air balance means energy saving, heating system, efficient usage of energies, and delivering the right amount of air to each room with the same comfort.

Only a professional HVAC technician can help you test the entire system and adjust the controls accordingly. They also inspect your intake, output, and adjust the balance of air respectively. One cannot experiment the DIY stuff with the HVAC systems however it is always better to know the basics so that you areaware that your technician is performing the role efficiently.

How to control temperature of air flow with HVAC dampers:

  1. Close and open the register:

If you know how to move the damper bladeit will help you to restrictthe air flow in the room.Be careful not to restrict the flow of air in the room. Completely closing the vents will further create more issues to the HVAC systems.

  1. Check filters for any blockages:

Keeping a check on the filters can prevents any blockages, improves furnace efficiency, extends the life of HVAC systems, and helps reduce energy costs.You need to keep a regular check on the filters as that is the main area where dust particles settle.

  1. Install proper window coverings:

Ensure that your windows are packed nicely so that every room gets proper flow of air through the ducts.Window coverings come in different shapes and designs, thus they play an important role in the cooling system.

  1. Keep your electronic appliances away:

It is highly critical that you do not keep any electronic appliances such as TV, computers, etc. where you have AC rooms. It has been observed that the thermostat picks more power to cool the temperature of the room as the heat of all these appliances add more heat to the room.

  1. Adjust your ceiling fans:

Changing the direction of your ceiling fan can also work the trick. The air circulation can actually have an effect based on the direction of your ceiling fan. In order to evenly distribute the flow of air, you may run it on low speed in a clockwise motion so that it distributes the warm air evenly in the room.

  1. Check for any restrictionson the air flow:

Make sure that the registers are not covered with any type of furniture or cabinet. Blocking the vent will make it harder for the air to smoothly flow in the room. Your vents should be free from any blockages.

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