How To Choose The Right Company For Your Counter Top Project!

When you set out to turn your current kitchen into your dream kitchen there are a few things you should know from picking your granite to finding the right company to install it in your home.

First of all, replacing your counter top isn’t as easy as picking it from a catalog and expecting it to appear in your kitchen. Any contractor worth their salt is going to work with you, take you to a stone supplier and have you hand select your granite slab. The reason being that not all granite is created equal! Each slab has its own unique colors and patterns depending on how it was found in nature. What you see in a catalog may not be what you get, which is why selecting it yourself is the best way to ensure you get the look you want.

Granite comes in hundreds of different colors and patterns including the popular choices like black, white, off-white, cream, brown, beige, gray and the lesser chosen but still beautiful colors like blue, green, gold and burgundy just to name a few. The options are endless and you are sure to find a color and pattern to make your kitchen sparkle!

So once you’ve went to the stone supplier and chosen your slab then most contractors will have that slab of granite shipped to a fabricator where you have to drive out once again to approve the template. The template is the design for your counter top, which accounts for the sink, appliances, a back splash and other details important to consider in a counter top design. Finally, the fabricator then has it delivered to your home, and who picks up the tab for each of these steps? None other than you the homeowner.

On top of the cost you also have now involved not one but 3 companies into your granite counter top project, that’s too many cooks in the kitchen! Why you ask? Well what happens when you find a problem with the project? The contractor will tell you to contact the fabricator and the fabricator will pass you on to the stone supplier and the stone supplier will point you back to the contractor and so on. Where does it leave you? That’s right, stuck between a rock and a very hard place.

So now you are asking how can you avoid involving so many steps and companies in one project? Easy turn to a contractor that can take accountability for your counter top from start to finish! Find a contractor who has been in the business long enough to know the importance of eliminating the blame game and hassle for the customer. Seek a contractor who has formed the right relationships, invested in the time and space it takes to help you design the counter top, do all of the fabrication for you, and also install it in your home, taking full accountability for the project and your satisfaction as a valued customer. This is the kind of company you should give your business too and don’t settle for anything less than you deserve.